Brexit ruling: BBC says Lord Chancellor backs judiciary amid row – Really?

The BBC has the story on its web site – see link above

I worry about the BBC and its lack of balls these days. It seems frightened of the right wing of British politics and we should all be concerned about that.

The BBC was a poor if not appalling commentator on the EU Referendum failing to expose lies that were told and often ducking the major issues that the electorate wanted to know the facts about by simply saying one side says this and the other says the opposite.

Now the BBC has this completely misleading headline which gives the impression that the Lord Chancellor is backing the judiciary when she is being little more than a fence sitter in the face a nationalistic and fascist media. Her job is to step in when our independent judiciary is under attack for defending the sovereignty of Parliament. After significant pressure, not least from some Tory MP’s, all she has managed is a vague generalised statement that means little.

“weak statement from a weak cabinet minister”

She and her Government are cowering behind the sofa as our right wing, out of control press tries to undermine the whole basis of our democratic system and the BBC knows that. We fought a civil war to guarantee the sovereignty of Parliament now it is now being undermined by our Government and press!

Admittedly the BBC does qualify somewhat better the actual position further down the piece but you get the impression that our BBC is struggling these days to really tackle big political issues with the tenacity it once did because it fears Government will attack it if it does.

We live in very dangerous times when the sovereignty of Parliament is under threat from Government and the right wing press and when our leading independent broadcaster also seems to be cowering behind the sofa. If this process carries on we are on our way to being a totalitarian fascist state which pretends to be a democracy. What’s even more worrying is that Labour, as the official opposition, seems to be looking for a spot behind the sofa too!