Whatever happened to the last LMS Class 503 ‘Wirral’ Unit?

The only surviving Class 503 ‘Wirral’ EMU was at the Electric Railway Museum in Coventry but that closed not so long ago meaning the rolling stock in the care of that museum had to found new homes. Merseyrail’s Class 503 now has a home at the former Hornby Factory in Margate of all places. The link below has the story :-


Quote from the article linked above:- The Class 503 trains were built in two batches. The first batch was built in 1938 by Met-Cam and BRC&W Co., their use was on the newly electrified route between Liverpool Central and the Wirral Peninsular or Rock Ferry via the Mersey Railway but run by the LMS. The second batch was built in 1956 to replace the original Mersey Railway stock. The one preserved today is from the earlier LMS stock, all were withdrawn from traffic in 1985.

Merseyrail Class 503 EMU ‘Wirral Units’ – Last one now in Margate

Here’s an interesting piece of news (see link below) from the Isle of Thanet News about the last surviving Merseyrail Class 503 EMU, which has now pitched up in Margate for storage in the former Hornby factory. The article also gives an informative potted history about the Class 503 EMU’s.


My apologies as I do not know to whom the credit for the photo at the head of this posting is due. It was clearly taken at the former Electric Railway Museum in Coventry though, from which the 503 departed following its recent closure.

Merseyside – Where to see its preserved Locomotives and Rolling Stock – Posting 5

This is the last of my present postings on the subject of Merseyside locos in preservation.


This last posting deals with the Class 503 electrical multiple units that used to run on the Wirral Line of Merseyrail. A 3 car 503 unit is presently on show at the Electric Railway Museum near Coventry. The link below refers:-