HALT at Lydiate Parish Council

The HALT campaign group were presenting details of their fight against 24 Blackpool Tower sized wind turbines on land between Lydiate and Ince Blundell to Lydiate Parish Council last Tuesday.

Lydiate Parish Council has already made a financial contribution towards the group’s expenses. Here are a couple of photos from the presentation.

Maghull's own Colin Reader speaking to the Council - Colin is also a prominent local Green Belt campaigner.

Maghull’s own Colin Reader speaking to the Council – Colin is also a prominent local Green Belt campaigner.

Left to right, Cllr. dave Russell, Cllr. Tony Fenton, Kevin Sharpe of HALT, Colin Reader and Edie Pope.

Left to right, Cllr. Dave Russell, Cllr. Tony Fenton, Kevin Sharpe of HALT, Colin Reader, Cllr. Edie Pope and all but cut out of the photo Cllr. Andrew Blackburn (sorry Andrew).

Wind farm approvals rise

With thanks to the Local Government Information Unit for pointing out this story.

The number of onshore wind farms granted planning permission has risen by two thirds in the past three years. Figures released by the Department of Energy and Climate Change showed that last year 141 onshore wind farms were given planning permission, compared with 83 in 2010. The figures also showed a significant rise in the number of solar farms granted approval by councils, up from nine in 2010 to 141 last year.
The Daily Telegraph, Page: 6

This is interesting, relevant and worrying in equal measure because of the plans to build a large wind farm on land in West Lancashire between Lydiate and Ince Blundell that community action group HALT is opposing and on which I have commented many times before.

I am not opposed to wind farms generally but this West Lancashire site is comprised of some of the highest grade agricultural land in the UK; simply not the place to use for anything else but growing food.

Keep in touch with things by visiting HALT’s excellent web site:-


HALT – Wind farm Campaign – it’s getting everywhere!

The admirable campaigners who are running the HALT Group that is opposing the potential construction of 24 ‘Blackpool Tower sized’ wind turbines in West lancs between Lydiate and Ince Blundell are stepping up the anti.

You now can’t move without seeing one of their posters. Below I have two shots, one is of their poster next to Bells Lane canal bridge in Lydiate, the second is taken in the new Maghull Costa coffee shop where it is on their Community Notice Board.

A huge campaign banner is also visible from the Formby By-Pass between Ince Blundell and Formby.





HALT meeting in Lydiate last week – Was the MP in disguise?

This week’s Aintree & Maghull Champion tells us that the Labour MP for Sefton Central, Bill Esterson, was at the HALT group’s public meeting last week held in St Thomas Primary School. See my previous postings on this wind farm issue.

Really, was he in disguise or hidden away? I certainly did not see him there and neither did the other Lib Dem councillors who were there. Most odd indeed.

You can find out more about the campaign against the West Lancs based wind farm at



HALT – back to the Wind farm campaign meeting in Lydiate

I promised to come back to this matter having not had time to write up what Kevin Sharpe and Colin Reader said in their respective presentations to the campaign meeting in any detail earlier this week. And it’s worth reviewing as it helps put things in context. These are the notes I made and they are not in any particular order.


• The first big issue is that the land proposed for these monster wind turbines is high grade agricultural land in Green Belt, hardly the place to build them you may think and you would in my view be right. Interestingly, West Lancs Council Policy EN2 seems to back this view up.
• The National Planning Framework (NPF) says that renewable energy developments are inappropriate in Green Belt.
• In Lincolnshire a Valuation Tribunal has said that property close to turbines can be devalued.
• People living in Sefton and Ince Blundell Villages (and I think Lunt) did not get the mailing from the company proposing to build the turbines. I had picked up on this myself following a chat with a Sefton Village recently when I gave her a copy and she said it had not been seen in the Village before.
• Colin took us through a report by REF in Denmark about the performance of wind turbines, the thrust of which seemed to indicate that they start off at around 25% efficiency but within 18 years are down to small single figures of efficiency. Can’t claim to understand the background to this myself.
• The land owners are the Trustees of the Leverhume family.
• There will in fact potentially be 26 masts as 2 will be wind monitoring masts.
• Whist all this is about land in West Lancashire, that happens to be surrounded by Sefton communities, the draft Local Plan for Sefton, which I have posted about many times, does indicate that a renewable energy area in the adjoining land within Sefton Borough is being considered as well.
• The height of the masts will be 136.5m.
• The planning application for the site is expected to be submitted to West Lancs Council any day now.

It was nice to be able to support these genuine community campaigners because they are fighting for the high grade agricultural land via HALT that many others are fighting for via the Sefton Local Plan. Indeed, Colin Reader is prominent in both campaigns!

I hope these notes are of use to readers and my apologies to Kevin and Colin if I have noted any of their comments incorrectly – please shout if I have.


HALT – Their Lydiate campaign meeting against the West Lancashire wind farm

Cllrs. Jen Robertson, Edie Pope and I attended the public meeting organised by HALT yesterday evening at St Thomas School in Lydiate’s Kenyons Lane.

Having held a meeting last week in Sefton Village, which I could not make, it was useful to see how this environmental campaign group have been progressing in their plan to try to stop 24 Blackpool Tower sized wind turbines appearing on high grade agricultural land in West Lancashire to the west of Lydiate.

Regular readers of this blog site will recall that I have posted about this wind turbine plan a number of times in recent months.

All in all it was a good meeting which I had to leave about 8.20pm due a prior engagement. I would guess that there were up to 100 local folk at the meeting and I took the photo below to record the event. I will write up a report on the detail information given out at the meeting just as soon as I can.


You can look at the campaign group’s web site at:-