Lunt – They’re still fly-tipping despite gated lanes

I must admit that I thought that the fly-tipping would stop when Sefton Council gated the back lanes behind Lunt Village but sadly I was wrong.

This was the scene on Longdale Lane 6th May:-

And this is what the gates look like:-

Pedestrians can step over them and cyclists can lift their bikes over them, but how on earth are fly-tippers getting their vans and lorries around the back of Lunt?

Lunt – Hope that gated roads will stop the fly tipping

I have posted about this problem many times in the past.

To say that the villagers in Lunt must have had a gut full of the illegal activities of fly-tippers around their community must be putting it politely. This isolated Sefton Borough Community has been a rubbish dumping ground for far too long – tyres, asbestos, white goods, furniture, builders rubble, remnants of pot-farms you name it, it’s been dumped there,

It’s been going on and indeed getting worse for many years now. I recall that in my time as a Sefton Councillor for the ward that covered Lunt Village I was constantly on at Sefton Council to remove fly-tipped rubbish and to do some covert surveillance to catch the culprits. Sadly, whilst they did usually clear the rubbish away the Council were steadfast in their refusal to engage in covert surveillance.

But there has been a long, long promise from Sefton Borough Council to gate the lanes around the village to stop vehicular access and it’s finally starting to happen. This gate has very recently gone in on Longdale Lane:-

But the other lane (Back Lane) which also provides access to where the dumping goes on is still without a gate, although it looks like work to put a gate there is ongoing. The photo below was taken on Sunday 8th October:-

Let’s hope the work is completed soon so that some measure of control over illegal fly-tipping is put in place.

Lunt – Fly-Tipping – It goes on and on and on!

I cycled through Lunt and its back lanes the other day and this is the sight that met me.

Sadly this is very far from being a new problem and the poor old residents of Lunt Village have had to put up with such illegal activities for many years. Of course Sefton Council is a victim too, as are local land owners, who have to keep clearing it all up.

A fellow cyclist was also passing through and he suggested what needs to be done to fly-tippers when they are caught. Of course as a Liberal I do not believe in executing people.

Seriously, councils and the Environment Agency really do have to get to grip with this ever expanding problem that is both blighting countryside and urban areas. Continuing to do what has always been done is clearly not working at all.

Stop Trashing Lunt Village!

If there is one thing that gets me really angry it is those lazy beggars who dump rubbish wherever they please. Don’t you just wish the Council had the power to take what they have dumped and put it their front gardens to see how they would like it? Trouble is their neighbours would have to see it too.

Just look at these latest photos from around lovely rural Lunt Village which is regularly trashed by idiots who care nothing for our environment:-



In fact I took these photo’s today having been contacted by a resident of the Village. This happens time and time again and it is vital that we identify who is doing it. Some of it this time is household dumping whist some is clearly contractors rubble from work on a property.

Residents of Lunt do not deserve this fly-tipping (and I include the Leader of Sefton Council here) but some people must hate our environment so much that all they want to do is to trash it!

Fly-tipping and dumping around Sefton’s countryside

Having represented Lunt Village for a number of years now I am fully aware of the activities of those who choose to dump rubbish rather than dispose of it properly.

Lunt Village has long been a fly-tipping area in its back lanes that, until recently, connected it with Thornton. The new Switch Island to Thornton Link Road servers the linking single track road that once connected these two communities. The road has been shut for a couple of months now.

Household junk

Household junk

Shut it may be but the dumping continues much to the frustration of Lunt’s residents who keep me posted about the environmental crime.

BT phone directories

BT phone directories

Recently I toured the area from Lunt right through to Ince Blundell with a Sefton Council Environmental Protection Officer. The objective was to make her aware of the problem spots from my perspective but also for me to understand what she can do to help.

Builder's rubble

Builder’s rubble

We found the usual rubbish – builder’s rubble, tyres, some asbestos, household junk etc. but the Environmental Officer saw something that I may have overlooked. Yes I saw it but instead of my thinking why dump compost she was informing me that this was the remnants of a pot-farm! We found quite a lot of it and a distinctive smell could be noticed if the compost remains were disturbed. We also found huge numbers of BT telephone directories in a stream – it seems that someone may well have been paid to deliver them to houses but they could well have pocketed the money and delivered hundreds of the books to the stream that sits at the side of Longdale in Lunt Village.

Pot farm remains and tyres

Pot farm remains and tyres

The problem – Evidence! We desperately need registration numbers of the vehicles bringing rubbish to be dumped. The problem, however, is that the dumpers and fly-tippers tend to turn up at the dead of night when no one is around.

More Pot farm remains

More Pot farm remains

We have previously discussed covert surveillance and this will be looked at again. The trouble is it costs an arm and a leg. But if just one fly-tipper could be brought to court, fined and made a public show of maybe it would be a lesson to others?