Lydiate – That outdoor sporting/leisure site proposal & its relationship to a designated Conservation Area

One thing that slipped my mind when I put together my report on the presentation to Lydiate Parish Council about this proposed development (my immediately preceding blog posting refers) off Hall Lane/Southport Road is the relationship of the site to Lydiate’s Conservation Area.

The matter was raised at the meeting but as I say this aspect slipped through the net when I was writing the posting up. Having been reminded of it now I have been onto Sefton Council’s web site (see link below) where the boundaries of the Conservation Area are defined:-

As you can see the site is right up against it where Hall Lane joins Southport Road by Our Ladies RC Church. On that basis this close association with the conservation area will surely be a restricting factor in how the site can be developed other than for agricultural use.

Lydiate – St Catherine’s Chapel – Parish Council to continue grounds maintenance

St Catherine's otherwise know as Lydiate Abbey

St Catherine’s otherwise know as Lydiate Abbey

Lydiate Parish Council has long maintained the grounds around this lovely listed ancient monument in Lydiate’s Conservation Area. The PC cuts the grass empties the litter bin etc.

The site is in the ownership of Liverpool Catholic Arch-Diocese and Sefton Borough Council has a hand in the management of the site too. And, of course, there’s the voluntary group – Friends of the Abbey which has been formed. That group has recently gained a £7,000+ grant from Heritage Lottery to fund a detailed assessment of the condition of the ruins with a view to trying to preserve them for future generations.

The latest issue was that the maintenance agreement for the Parish Council to undertake grass cutting etc. had come to an end but at the last PC meeting on 22nd November there was agreement for the PC to continue to provide such support.

If you are interested in joining the volunteer group their e-mail address is:-

Lydiate Abbey and the Conservation Area it sits in – Posting No. 2

Lydiate Abbey 06 06 16 r

I posted quite recently about damage to the ruins of Lydiate Abbey which could have been an attempt to extract some dressed stone from it. Here is a link back to my original posting:-

The latest on the damage is that after a bit more digging into the situation things seems to be like this.

Sefton’s Council’s Conservation Offer was aware of previous similar damage to the Abbey and was in the process of agreeing a repair process with the Catholic Archdiocese, who are the owners of the site/ruins. If I have understood the position correctly a further inspection of the ruins has now taken place as a consequence of the alarm being raised by Cllr. Edie Pope being contacted by the member of the public as mentioned in my original posting. Further repairs have been identified and and the Archdiocese will be engaging a specialist repair contractor to deal with the damage. I also understand that Sefton Council will pay for the repairs.

Just to clarify some things from my original posting – Sefton Council has an agreement with the Archdiocese about maintenance of the stonework of the ruins but this comes to an end later this year. Indications are that it will not be renewed by Sefton. Lydiate Parish Council is involved in a sub-lease for it to do the grounds maintenance – grass cutting, litter removal etc. It is because of the impending end to this agreement that the Friends of the Abbey (Dave Russell’s voluntary Group) are trying to sort out a new agreement with the Catholic Archdiocese for sustainable management of the ruins and site for the future. It is this later process that is worryingly stuck at present.

Lydiate abbey 06 06 16 (2) r

If you would like to know more about Lydiate’s Conservation Area please follow the link below:-

When you reach the page please scroll down until you see Lydiate Hall and Chapel Conservation Area and click on that link.

This quote from the document on Sefton’s web site is sadly quite telling:-

Consolidation of the ruin has taken place during the 20t century; however ongoing vandalism, stone-robbing and the natural process of deterioration mean that the ruin needs careful and consistent management.

The photos above are also amongst my Flickr photos at:-

I hope I now have presented a clearer/fuller picture of this issue but please shout if not.

Lydiate Abbey – Damage caused by stone removal

The lovely Lydiate Abbey, proper name St. Catherine’s Chapel, looks to have been damaged seemingly by people wanting dressed stone from it to take away?

The damage may have been caused in recent days and the Police and Sefton Council have been informed I understand. Here are some photo’s that I took earlier today:-

Lydiate Abbey damage 06 06 16 (2) r

Lydiate Abbey damage 06 06 16 r

It would be useful if folks living at the north end of Lydiate or visiters to the Scotch Piper Pub could keep an eye out for any odd activity around the Abbey. The culprits could do with being caught before this delightful ruin, which is at the heart of Lydiate’s Conservation Area, is further damaged.

Please if you know anything about the damage let me know.

PS. See comments – Glenn (sorry don’t know his second name) seems to think that the damage is not particularly new. Whenever it was done it needs attending to.