Bridges, bridges & more footbridges

I blogged a while back about Lydiate footpath No.5, which links Southport Road to Eagar Lane, as a bridge over a stream needed replacing. Here’s a link back to that posting:-

Well, it took a bit longer but the new bridge is now in place. However, concerns have been raised that the step up to the bright blue bridge is too high at around 14 inches**. Lydiate Parish Cllr. Edie Pope* tells me that a Sefton Council officer agrees it’s too high a step so I’m guessing that an additional step will be added? Here’s Edie at the bridge:-

I’ve been wondering why the bridge is bright blue as not so far away a couple of footbridges on paths linking Lydiate, The River Alt and Ince Blundell have also just been replaced and they are a far more discrete brown colour – see below:-

No, I’m not asking for a repaint, just curious about why some footbridges are brown and some blue.

* A section of this footpath actually runs along the boundary of Cllr. Edie Pope’s Church View Farm and she tells me that at some point in the distant past before she owned the land the footpath seems to have been moved from one side of the stream to the other. This must be back in Lancashire County days i.e. well prior to local government reorganisation in 1974. This being the case, if the path had been on the other side of the stream, there would have been no need for a bridge.

** Many local footpath bridges have steps up to them and I have previously pondered on this, amongst other reasons, being a form of obstruction to deter motorcycles. Our historic footpath network in England has never been disability friendly so such steps usually don’t make the paths any more inaccessible. It’s only very modern public rights of way where disability has been/is catered for.

Lydiate’s Public Rights of Way

Ever wondered where Lydiate’s footpaths will take you?

Well have a look at this map of the Civil Parish of Lydiate (Parish Boundary not shown) with all the public rights of way detailed on it:-


Click on the map to enlarge it

You will notice along the edges of the map that the footpaths have differing numbers and prefixes. This is because the paths cross into neighbouring Civil Parishes in Lancashire i.e. ALT = Altcar, DOW = Down Holland and AUG = Aughton.

The map is from a colour pamphlet produced by Sefton Council which details walks you can do locally. Copies can be obtained free of charge from Lydiate Village Centre in Lambshear Lane. Always open AM Monday to Friday and at other times when in use.