Lydiate – Sandy Ln/Lambshear Ln junction dangers

I’ve long thought that this is a dangerous junction and blogged about one aspect of it back in June 2015 – see link below:-

But whilst that plea obviously failed to push Sefton Council Highways Dept into action there is clearly another danger which I’ve witnessed a number of times recently. If you’re turning right out of Sandy Lane into Lambshear Lane you are often faced with a vehicle which has come from Lydiate Village Centre direction and which wants to turn right into Sandy Lane cutting the corner and all but hitting the vehicle/cyclist trying to turn right.

So that’s two dangers at this junction that could do with being looked into by Sefton Council, I hope they’ll try to look into them before there’s a nasty crunch!

Lydiate – A great piece of sectional artwork

Seen in Lydiate Village Centre recently.

This piece of sectional artwork (my term, there’s probably a more appropriate one) has been painted by numerous different artists and then their work has been added together to make the overall effect of one great painting.

And these are the artists responsible for it:-

I like it.

Please click on the painting to enlarge it

Lydiate – That persistent flooding of Lambshear Lane

Well I’ve had a go at this one in the past (see previous postings going back ages ago) and so has my fellow Lydiate Parish Councillor Edie Pope but still a very significant flooding of the pavement and road surface takes place on Lambshear Lane after every heavy rain storm between Lydiate Village Centre and Oakhill Drive. The photo above was taken on 8th March.

Time to give Sefton Council Highways Dept. another nudge me thinks; surely they must know what the cause is by now and can fix it? More news when I have it.

Click on the photo to enlarge it

Lydiate – Outdoor fitness equipment now all back up and working at LVC

I posted a while back about the fact that one of the outdoor fitness items at Lydiate Village Centre on Lambshear Lane was broken and had been taken away. My previous posting is available via the link below:-

Happy to say the item has now been returned to the site and it is fully working again. The item is the one on the far left of the photo below:-

Click on the photo to enlarge it.

Lydiate – Outdoor fitness equipment at Lydiate Village Centre

I gave the fitness items a try on 5th January and I am pretty sure that this one was not in the best of health:-

Rust is an obvious issue but clunking as it moved round indicated mechanical problems too. I asked Lydiate Parish Council to have it serviced/repaired and it has now been removed (by Sefton Council who installed it) to so see what can be done with it.

I’m told that this particular piece of outdoor fitness equipment is problematic and others have had to be removed across Sefton Borough. Whether it can be repaired is yet to be seen.

Lydiate – News from the November Parish Council meeting

A few highlights from last Tuesday’s Parish Council meeting

* Parish Council to spend £500 buying boundary planter troughs to go on Lydiate boundary signs for the Lydiate in Flower volunteer group. They will look similar to this Maghull one:-

* A £803 grant bid by Lydiate PC to the Lydiate-only John Gore Trust has been successful. It will help run community events at Lydiate Village Centre.

* Lydiate PC will continue to pay the Living Wage to its staff as opposed to the lower Minimum Wage. Music to the ears of this old trade unionist who helped bring in the LW to the Parish Council some years ago.

* A bid is being made to the Tesco Bags of Help grant fund to raise funds to set up a community garden, working with Lydiate in Flower volunteer group, on the Lambshear lane field where Lydiate Village Centre sits.

* Harking back to my previous postings about the potential for a multi-use sports area on Sandy Lane Park an initial expression of interest type bid is being made to a Football Foundation/Lottery for what would be a massive project to rebuild the present football changing rooms and progress the multi-use sports area idea.

This is the run-down condition of the Sandy Lane Park tennis courts surface. Could they be rebuilt as a multi-use games area – MUGA?

Far too early to raise expectations about what will clearly be a hugely expensive, but most welcome project, if the Parish Council can once again be a successful grant bidder – It raised £0.5m from the National Lottery when the Village Centre was being constructed and which opened its doors in 2010.