Jim Byrne RIP

Jim with former local councillor Sylvia Mainey at the site of the former Lydiate Voluntary Youth Club prior to Lydiate Village Centre being built.

Jim with former local councillor Sylvia Mainey at the site of the former Lydiate Voluntary Youth Club prior to Lydiate Village Centre being built.

A am sad to have to report that former Maghull councillor Jim Byrne died on 31st December.

Jim had been a local councillor on Maghull Town Council, Sefton Borough Council and Lydiate Parish Council over many, many years. Indeed, he was first elected to Maghull Town Council in the early 1960 if memory serves.

Jim and I sharing a moment together.

Jim and I sharing a moment together.

Jim was fun to be around as he would often have some amusing remark to make about any situation. I recall his legendary old Ford Cortina car. Well put it this way it was old, probably one of the first off the production line, but he kept it going for years. Andrew Blackburn, Robbie Fenton and I thought he had bricks in it for suspension as the ride across The Moss to Southport for Sefton Council meetings was like a fairground ride!

Jim at the then derelict site of the former Albany Cinema, where Lidl is now of course.

Jim at the then derelict site of the former Albany Cinema, where Lidl is now of course.

I understand he had been a county level table tennis player in his younger days. Later in life he would really enjoy the quizzes that used to be held at Maghull Town Hall each Wednesday night where he could often be found deep in conversation with Charles (Uncle Albert) Walker about their time doing National Service. Yes, neither of them were actually taking a great deal of notice of the actual quiz, that was left to Andrew Beattie, Andrew Blackburn, myself and whomever else had turned out for our ‘Nutters’ quiz team.

Jim was a Maghull Town Council member when Maghull Town Hall was planned for and built and if you ever pop in there look out for the photo of the opening of the building in the foyer as Jim is on it.

He was also a member of Lydiate Parish Council when the successful campaign was launched to build what is now Lydiate Village Centre on Lambshear Lane, on the site of the former Lydiate Voluntary Youth Club. And he was a member of both Maghull Town and Sefton Borough Councils as we fought to get Meadows Leisure Centre & Library built by Sefton Council.

One part of the work of local councils that Jim loved was dealing with planning applications and he rose to become the Chairman of Sefton Council’s Planning Committee. I think he enjoyed that more than anything.

There can be few people indeed who have been involved in the work of local councils in this area from the 1960’s to early 2000’s who will not have known Jim. I think it is fair to say that I have never come across anyone who did not like Jim.

He often said that he was no politician and in many ways never a truer word has been spoken as Jim just liked doing things for the community. From my perspective it is nice to celebrate the life of a really nice chap who did his bit for his community.

Jim leaves behind a loving family whom he would constantly chatter about when in company. He clearly thought a lot of them and them of him.

Lydiate – Keeping up appearances (and safety) in the parks and gardens

Lydiate Parish Council presently has children’s play areas with equipment at Sandy Lane Park, Kenyons Park and Ridgeway Park, it also has outdoor fitness equipment on the site of Lydiate Village Centre.

This is Ridgeway Park otherwise know as Coronation Park.

This is Ridgeway Park otherwise know as Coronation Park.

All this equipment needs to be maintained and the Parish Council approved expenditure of over £800 at its October meeting to address repair and maintenance issues identified in a recent inspection report.

Lydiate PC grounds maintenance staff at work in Liverpool Road outside St. Gregs Church.

Lydiate PC grounds maintenance staff at work in Liverpool Road outside St. Gregs Church.

On a wider maintenance front, across all the areas the Parish Council presently looks after within Lydiate, this scan of a report to the October Parish Council meeting from the Head Groundsman shows what he and his 2 co-workers do within the community:-


Click on the report to enlarge it for reading

St Catherine's otherwise know as Lydiate Abbey

St Catherine’s Chapel otherwise known as Lydiate Abbey

Lydiate – Update on volunteer litter picking activities


I attended a meeting of Lydiate Parish Council last night and was pleased to see hear an update on Lydiate’s volunteer litter pickers.

We agreed as a Parish Council to put £250 to one side to assist the volunteer litter pickers with the items they need to purchase to continue their great work in the community.

Below is a report of the last litter picking day:-

It went very well thank you, with more to come.

So this time we collected 11 bin bags of rubbish, covering the areas of;

Southport Road
Lambshear Lane
Part of Moss Lane
Pygons Hill Lane
St Catherine’s Abbey
The Canal bank.

All safely gathered in.

Someone will do Northway and Liverpool Road (I think) this week, and also behind the Weld Blundell pub and some of Moss Lane.

It is hard to put into words quite what an effect this visually has on the
area of Lydiate. What does come out is the expressions of thanks from the
passing public. Incidentally, we are not alone. I have heard there are some
‘lone wolves’ out there who do their own sections of Lydiate. I would love
to know who they are, so that I can both join them to this email so they may
know what else is happening in the area, but also from a practical view so
that we don’t cover ground they are already covering.

I am also aware that the Scouts did a section of the Cheshire Lines, well
done to them as well.

The next joint date then is Saturday 29 October 11.00 meeting at Lydiate
Village Centre at 11.00 (always the last Saturday of the month – same time).

Once again thank you all so much for caring for the surroundings where you
live. It is great to see the difference,

Lydiate volunteer litter pickers update

I am happy to give publicity to this community volunteering group

Next litter picking – Saturday 24 September 11.00 am

Dear All,

How apt to send this email today when the lead story on Radio Merseyside is
Litter dumping!

So, this coming Saturday, the last of each month is our time for giving to
the community. Thank you all for your continued support. I have said it
before but it feels like the ‘deep cleaning’ is done and all we have to do
is the surface litter now.

Those who wish to partake we are meeting outside Lydiate Village Centre at
11.00 am to set off in our various directions;

We have decided to do the full length of Southport Road
again…….well we didn’t decide, I just sort of got told!

Someone told me that the canal towpath has become re-littered (is that even
a word?) and I want to know if anyone fancies doing Pygon’s Hill Lane, which
has never been done before.

For anyone interested we do tend to end up in the region of the Scotch Piper
about 1.30 ish!

Is it just me or has anyone noticed a considerable reduction in litter since
the bin men have stopped emptying those little green boxes and then leave
them upturned so that the rest of the paper and tin can lids can fall onto
the pavement? What common sense.

Look forward to seeing those of you that can make it,


Lydiate – Neighbourhood Plan – Public consultation event

Parish of Lydiate Map

Please click on the map above to enlarge it – It shows the whole Civil Parish of Lydiate which is much more rural than many people may realise.

There is a launch event at Lydiate Village Centre on Lambshear Lane on Tuesday 24th May between 3pm and 7pm where residents can drop in to find out more about the proposed Neighbourhood Plan for the Civil Parish of Lydiate.


The Parish Council is presently delivering an information newsletter to all properties in Lydiate which outline how residents can participate via on-line questionnaires on Survey Monkey.

If you are a Lydiate resident or own a business operating in Lydiate please get involved. If you don’t receive a newsletter please contact the Parish Council at Lydiate Village Centre – www.lydiateparishcouncil.gov.uk Tel: 0151 527 2662

Dementia Friends – Lydiate Parish Council gets an information session

I attended such a session that was organised at my place of work not so long ago and I found it very informative and helpful.


The information Sessions are run by Dementia Friends Champions to help people learn a little about what it’s like to live with dementia and how we can support those living with dementia in our communities.


The session held at Lydiate Village Centre session yesterday was for Lydiate Parish Council staff, Councillors and volunteers and I hope it went well as I could not be there on this occasion.