Downholland – Eagar Lane/Greens Lane resurfacing outside Lavender Barns

Back in August 2019 I called on Lancashire County Council to resurface the stretch of Eagar Lane/Greens Lane outside Lavender Barns just yards into Lancashire from Lydiate, and I blogged about the state of the lane – see link below:-

If I recall correctly that prompted more patch repairs but the message must have got home to LCC (maybe others raised the matter with them too?) as a couple of days ago they did a significant resurfacing job:-

Editor’s note – ‘Thanks for that LCC, much appreciated, but sadly there’s another very poor stretch of Greens Lane which has deteriorated significantly of recent months. It’s around the entrance to the 2nd fishery, past Green’s House and near to the row of houses further into Downholland Civil Parish. I’ll pop a note on your website about it.’

Maghull & Lydiate in 1840’s

I fell upon this map in Crosby Library during a recent visit and fascinating it is too. It covers much of Lydiate and the north western area of Maghull. You’ll have to click on it to enlarge it as much as you can to pick out the features, but here are the ones which struck me:-

Bells Lane is named Wallbrook Lane

Sandy Lane is Sandy Brow Lane and Rimmer’s Lane

The Manor House (Maghull Homes/Parkhaven Trust now private apartments) is Maghull Hall

The Red Lion Inn is present then as is another what looks like a pub called the Hare and Greyhounds where Balmoral Road presently joins Liverpool Road South.

Damfield Lane – Probably the only local bank was the Maghull National.

Nedens Lane was Nedens Back Lane.

Oakhill Cottage Lane was known as Barrack Lane.

There was a Methodist Meeting House on Southport Road just before and opposite the junction with Lambshear Lane.

Pilling Lane was Back Lane.

The Weld Bundell Pub was called the Plough Inn.

Lydiate – Resident’s meeting regarding Saville Road development site

Rear of the Liverpool Road shops on Saville Road.

Independent Sefton Borough Councillor for Park Ward (which takes in all of Lydiate), Pat O’Hanlon, has asked me to help her publicise a residents meeting on Thursday 20th February at 7.00pm to be held in Maghull Methodist Church.

The meeting is being held with regard to the controversial development site at the rear of the Coronation Road Shops.

My apologies as I can’t be at the meeting.

Lydiate – Haigh Crescent – Posts go up to try to make green safer

A while back we had a discussion at a Lydiate Parish Council meeting about the dangers of vehicles on the green in the middle of Haigh Crescent when children are playing there.

We discussed, together with the Park Ward Sefton Councillors, what could be done to make the green safer and putting in posts to restrict vehicle access was seen to be the best way forward if the money could be found to get the work done. Well the money has been found as the works are ongoing today:-