Highbanks/Southport Road, Lydiate – Flooding Problem

Cllr. Andrew Blackburn and I attended a site meeting today in Highbanks with Sefton’s Chief Drainage Engineer Sam Dimba.

The meeting, called for by residents, was associated with a long-running flooding problem that caused a house in Highbanks to be internally flooded in September 2012. My postings of 25th September, 1st October and 3rd October 2012 refer.

This was the scene in September 2012 in Highbanks, Lydiate

This was the scene in September 2012 in Highbanks, Lydiate

Highbanks is quite close to where I live so I have become well acquainted with the flooding which I am told is associated with a culverted stream that runs under Soutport Road, into Highbanks under some gardens and then under the Leeds Liverpool Canal.

The flooding of September 2012 was bad and both United Utilities and Sefton Council have been investigating the cause of it. A blockage in the culvert seems to be the issue and work is to be undertaken next week to try to right things.

Let’s hope for a good result although that will clearly depend on further investigations after the known blockage is cleared. I suspect there are no guarantees here.

Lydiate – Footpaths converge at Billy’s Bridge but has the sign been vandalised?

Where Billy’s Bridge, otherwise known as Lydiate Hill Bridge, crosses the Leeds Liverpool Canal 3 footpaths converge. For ages a nice wooden footpath post with fingers pointing to the 3 local destinations has stood but now someone seems to torn one off. How sad is that.

Sign with all 3 fingers in place not so long ago

Sign with all 3 fingers in place not so long ago

Sadly one finger (pointing to Southport Road) has gone in this shot of a couple of days ago

Sadly one finger (pointing to Southport Road) has gone in this shot of a couple of days ago

HALT – Wind farm Campaign – it’s getting everywhere!

The admirable campaigners who are running the HALT Group that is opposing the potential construction of 24 ‘Blackpool Tower sized’ wind turbines in West lancs between Lydiate and Ince Blundell are stepping up the anti.

You now can’t move without seeing one of their posters. Below I have two shots, one is of their poster next to Bells Lane canal bridge in Lydiate, the second is taken in the new Maghull Costa coffee shop where it is on their Community Notice Board.

A huge campaign banner is also visible from the Formby By-Pass between Ince Blundell and Formby.





Lydiate Abbey/St. Catherine’s Chapel


Have a look at this You Tube video of one of Merseyside’s historic sites.

St Catherine’s Chapel or Lydiate Abbey. It was built c. 1500 for the private worship of the Ireland family, who held the Lydiate Lordship 1410—1673. Its use as a private chapel probably ceased c. 1550, following Henry VIII’s dissolution of the monasteries. A small cemetery remained in use until the latter 19th century.
The Chapel is a ruin, and is situated on Southport Road adjacent to the Scotch Piper Inn. It is a Grade 2* Listed Building.
In recent years, outdoor performances of plays have been held each summer in the grounds and Lydiate’s Civic Day is also held on the site each year.
The grounds are maintained by Lydiate Parish Council.


Lollies Bridge looking towards Maghull – Leeds Liverpool Canal


This is a shot of the Leeds Liverpool Canal through Lydiate looking towards Liverpool from what locals call Lollies Bridge on Southport Road. In the very far distance are the outer northern moorings of the Mersey Motorboat Club. You will have to click the photo to enlarge it and look carefully to see the moored boats.

There is no canal towpath access at Lollies Bridge, which I have often thought is most odd. However, there is a footpath that is accessed by the bridge on the opposite side to the towpath heading north only towards Lydiate Hill Bridge.

Lollies Bridge is the next bridge northwards from Pilling Lane where the access has been closed by the Canal & River Trust for many months now. Repairs are due to be undertaken in January so I am told. The goodish news is that at last the Trust has put up notices at Bells Lane (the access south of Pilling Lane) and just north of Lollies Bridge (where a footpath joins the canal towpath) making it clear that you can’t access Pilling Lane due to the closed steps leading up from the canal.

HALT meeting in Lydiate last week – Was the MP in disguise?

This week’s Aintree & Maghull Champion tells us that the Labour MP for Sefton Central, Bill Esterson, was at the HALT group’s public meeting last week held in St Thomas Primary School. See my previous postings on this wind farm issue.

Really, was he in disguise or hidden away? I certainly did not see him there and neither did the other Lib Dem councillors who were there. Most odd indeed.

You can find out more about the campaign against the West Lancs based wind farm at