Lyme Disease – Lord Tony Greaves writes

I picked up on this story because of an experience I had this summer.

Whilst gardening I was bitten/stung twice, one on each hand and it hurt like hell for a few hours. The following day it had all but gone and been forgotten about, but a week later my hand and wrist swelled and went red. I called into a chemist who sent me off to see a GP. The GP put me on antibiotics for a week and things cleared up. However, the GP was clearly concerned about Lyme Disease being a possibility and he questioned me in detail about how and where I was bitten/stung and what I saw of the little beasts that did it.

Clearly GP’s, like Lord Tony Greaves, are highlighting a very real and significantly debilitating/dangerous disease. Beware a walk in the woods where I am told is the most likely place to be bitten by such ticks.