Melling – Giddygate Lane is a gated lane with restricted access

Giddygate Lane has been a ‘gated road’, that is only meant to be accessed by residents and land owners with a key from the M58 ‘Ashworth’ roundabout end ever since the M58 was constructed in the early 1980’s.

It’s gated to stop other vehicles using it as a short cut as it is narrow and little more than a tarmaced track. Nipping down there in a vehicle when the gate is open is liable to get you a fine if you don’t have legitimate access rights.

If memory serves around 25 people have such rights and the keys have always been issued by Sefton Council.

I recall this from my time as a Molyneux ward councillor. I also recall a motorist who was known to me getting a fine for nipping down there when she should not have done.

But problems have often popped up regarding the gate. Folks forget to shut and lock it, the padlock gets lost or it ‘disappears’ etc. Recently Sefton Council has been getting a little exasperated about it because each time the padlock ‘disappears’ or the gate is damaged (possibly sometimes deliberately damaged?) it costs them a lot of money to put right, money they can’t afford to keep spending.

In other words the solution that has been in place for 30 years has never worked very well but things may be about to change.

You see because our Labour friends who run Sefton Council have decided to allow huge swathes of Green Belt to be developed the area around this end of Giddygate Lane is about to change for good.

The one sided M58 motorway junction at Ashworth is going to be converted into a full junction so the Giddygate Lane access off the roundabout will have to be moved as will the public right of way down it.

I wonder if through this enforced move, which could easily happen in the next couple of years, a better arrangement can be found to keep this narrow lane restricted to traffic which it clearly needs to be?

Lancashire Enterprise Partnership – The Lancashire Strategic Transport Prospectus January 2016 – Posting 1 – The SuperPort implications

There’s some interesting, encouraging and indeed worrying information (or the lack of it) in this 47 page prospectus. I will cover the various aspects in 3 separate postings because they are all worth a mention in their own right.

The words Norther Powerhouse litter the document as they seem to every public sector paper from t’north these days. I assume this is to either keep or get George Osborne on side rather than the authors being enthusiastic about it?

The first thing that jumped out at me was a reference to Skelmersdale on page 12 not least because of the connection with the Liverpool SuperPort project. The relevant text says this:-

Skelmersdale in West Lancashire is closely linked to the Merseyside economy and is able to offer major sites for logistics and distribution companies keen to take advantage of the opportunities being generated by the opening of Liverpool SuperPort. This is supported by research commissioned by Peel Ports and the Liverpool City Region has highlighted the need to increase large market-attractive sites to take advantage of Atlantic Gateway opportunities.


This is interesting not because it is new news but because it shows how far the tentacles of the SuperPort project spread. Readers will probably know that a huge piece of Green Belt/high grade agricultural land in Melling, next to the M57, is firmly on Peel Ports agenda for similar purposes and that Sefton Council has, for now, kicked the issue into the long grass.


The problem will of course be how all the freight that lands in either or both of Melling and Skem actually gets to Seaforth Docks. Of course this will all have to happen in reverse too. The A5036 is the only road from the ends of the M57 and M58 motorways. Fools some years ago took up the rail connection and Highways England are now promoting a new road straight down the middle of Sefton’s Rimrose Valley Country Park as their preferred option to addresses the ‘need’ for a new freight route!

Never has so much Green Belt and green space been under more threat in Sefton, than via these proposals and of course Sefton Council’s own appalling Local Plan.

M58 Motorway – Jumping the queue has its consequences!

The Liverpool Echo has the story and a video that is worth watching unless you a serial queue jumper of course!

Don’t you just love it when a queue jumper gets their just reward! I do and I love the determination of the driver who tried to stop the queue jumper from gaining an advantage.