Travelling in the north is no fun what so ever!

If only our northern Motorways were all free flowing as the M58 was when this shot was taken.

I’ve commented often about the parlous state of our railways here up north. Probably with the exception of Merseyrail they are a right old mess, but what about our roads?

If my two recent experiences on Motorways across the north is anything to go by they are probably in a worse state than our railways and that takes some believing.

Lydiate to Chesterfield via the M62 and M1 last Sunday – 5 hours! OK a couple of stops along the way for about 30 mins in total but I used to be able to that journey in 3hrs easily with a similar stop off.

Chesterfield to Lydiate via M1 (no forget that) Buxton, Knutsford, M6, M62, M57 – also 5 hours! This time with about 50 mins stopping.

On the way there we sat, I kid you not, for 2hrs and 20mins between Rochdale and Saddleworth going nowhere with the Motorway supposedly closed. Then it cleared and no one had any idea what it had all been about.

On the way back the M1 was backed up from Junction 30 northwards so we had to double back a couple of junctions to go across country through the Peak District.

And to think four and half hours or so to do just around 100 miles. If we continue to travel like this we will grind our economy to a halt even without the ‘help’ of Brexit! Very definitely it’s Northern Poorhouse not Northern Powerhouse:-(((

Highways England! – Oh how I hate them today

Highways England were having another one of their regular crisis issues on the M6 today between junctions 19 and 18 and sadly we were in it!

Goodness knows how long we were in the jam, well over an hour I think but the really frustrating part of it was that we were on our way to funeral in Mansfield, which is about 100 miles away by road from our Merseyside home.

We had allowed 3 3/4 hours for the journey, which takes 2 1/2 on a good day but we had to give up and return home when we finally got off the M6 at Homes Chapel. In fact we got as far as Congleton and turned back. Ironically the first thing we saw after turning back was a funeral party outside a church!

I am the first to stand against hate crime but I am surely guilty of it (by thought anyway) myself today after my unprintable comments about the Highways Agency!

RIP Uncle Doug Depledge, so sorry we could not be there for your send off.