Closure of Lydiate Ambulance Station – Lib Dem Councillors demand that NW Ambulance Service look at all the options

Following a meeting on Tuesday 10th June between Sefton Council’s Overview and Scrutiny Committee and representatives of NW Ambulance Service Maghull and Lydiate’s 3 Lib Dem Borough Councillors Tony Robertson, Bruce Hubbard and Andrew Blackburn say they are very unhappy with the lack of detailed information provided at the meeting.

We asked NW Ambulance Service a number of searching questions such as:-

Did you look at sharing space at Maghull Police Station instead of simply telling us you are moving to the Fire Station at Netherton?

Why has NW Ambulance Service not even considered basing a local ambulance here?

Why has NW Ambulance Service not even considered basing a local ambulance here?

Where is the detail of your financial case for closing Lydiate Ambulance Station and moving to Netherton?

What are your anticipated response time calculations following the proposed move away from Maghull and Lydiate?

Bearing in mind that Lydiate is surounded on 3 sides by Lancashire surely you should be considering how your service will interact with West Lancashire based ambulances before making any far reaching decisions?

Sadly we did not get detailed resonses and with regard to examining other options to place the ambulance station locally we were told that Maghull Police Station had not even been considered! This is staggering as surely all options must be considered before decisions are made.

We expected to hear a well polished case which tried to justify the plan to close our local ambulance station but that did not happen and we left the meeting with even greater concerns than before we went to it.

Lib Dems raise concerns about closure of Lydiate Ambulance Station

Plans by the North West Ambulance Service to close their ambulance station in Lydiate’s Kenyons Lane and relocate the ambulance housed there to Netherton’s Buckley Hill Fire Station have met with big concerns from local Lib Dem Sefton councillors.

The worrying news came in a letter to Sefton Council dated 12th March from the North West Ambulance Service NHS Trust signed by Bob Williams the Trust’s Acting Chief Executive.

Says Cllr. Andrew Blackburn “My worry is that not having an ambulance based in the Maghull and Lydiate community will mean that the level of response to emergencies could well be less.

We have had a local ambulance station for as long as most people can remember and taking into account the size of the Maghull and Lydiate population, which has grown significantly since the ambulance station was built, it must surely be the case that an ambulance should continue to be stationed here.”

The Lib Dem councillors view is that the Trust needs to consult local people about this proposal and explain things to local people. The plans need testing against local opinion and residents need to have a say before the Trust takes any binding decisions.

I fear that this has been under discussion for quite some time but no consultation with residents has taken place. This is a big decision and I want it taken with the views of local people before the Trust Board. But for that to happen information needs to be put before residents clearly stating where all the ambulances that serve Maghull and Lydiate will be based and the estimated response times following any relocations.

I am particularly concerned about the large rural area of Lydiate to the north of the Parish which the present ambulance station can serve very well. The proposal to relocate to Netherton could mean that rural Lydiate becomes not so well served.