Maghull – Moss Side Maghull Cricket Club’s new pavilion

This photo was taken a week or so ago but now the slates are on the roof too. Will it be ready for the new cricket season?

That Maghull has two cricket clubs (the other one being Maghull Cricket Club) must mean its a cricket-mad Town surely?

Here’s a link to the Facebook Page of Moss Side Maghull Cricket Club:-

Maghull – That Cricket Club affair – Done and dusted?

I commented a few days ago about the bizarre dispute (and the context of it) between Maghull Town Council and Maghull Cricket Club whereby the Council seemed to be after the Clubs money by way of increased payments to the Council.

A large paid for advert trying to sell the lease of the land appeared in the Aintree & Maghull Champion on 26th July in the Council’s name but the following edition of the paper, dated 2nd August, said that a deal between the Club and Council was close. Bearing in mind that the paper, for editorial purposes, was probably complete by Monday 31st July and that the previous week’s paper had not been completely delivered until Friday 28th July, what on earth went on over the weekend?

Is the lease still for sale? Who made a bid for the lease? What will happen to any bids/expressions of interest that come in? Was the advert just a negotiating ploy and how much did the advert cost Council tax payers?

Whatever the background to this odd situation the Council hardly comes up smelling of roses, does it?

In my view having successful sporting clubs at the heart of the community is vital and this dispute, which has been all over the pages of our local newspaper, has been in the interest of no one.

I do hope things can settle down in Maghull and that the Town Council can look at local clubs and societies as something to be nurtured rather than organisations to gain rent from.

And finally, what about the view that because some of the club’s membership does not live in Maghull that this is an issue? To me it’s not an issue at all. That a successful community organisation is based in Maghull and that it attracts people from a wide area is to be celebrated not looked upon as being a problem. Maghull does not exist in a Brexit-type bubble with defendable borders for goodness sake!

Maghull – Youth Coffee Bar gone, CAB gone, retired bowlers given huge price hike, long established cricket club with nowhere to play? – Just what’s the Town Council up to?

Firstly a confession, I was a member of Maghull Town Council from 1985 to 2015 and I helped get Maghull’s unique Youth Coffee Bar and CAB facility set up in the 1990’s so I may be a little biased here.

Since Labour took over Maghull Town Council in 2011 a lot has changed and much of it I have scratched my head about wondering what the motivation has been.

Do we really want a band stand on KGV Park? Certainly I have never heard an outcry for one yet the Council seem to see it as a priority issue.

Was it sensible to close down the Town’s only publicly funded youth facility that was set up by local youngsters? It made no sense to me what so ever.

Losing the CAB facility has clearly been a backwards step. A Town the size of Maghull clearly needs accessible local advice for it’s citizens.

The bowlers, many of them retired, have been handed huge increases in the cost of their green fees. This has meant some of them no longer play at KGV Park.

And what about the dispute between the Town Council and Maghull Cricket Club that has been filing the pages of the Aintree & Maghull Champion newspaper in recent weeks? How on earth does a Council end up at such loggerheads with a long-established and important community organisation?

This weeks Champion newspaper made me want to shout out – ‘Just stop this nonsense NOW!’ because the Cricket Club issue was laid bare in three separte items in the paper.

Firstly on page 3 the Cricket Club is pleading for a change of heart from the Town Council who are wanting a ‘market value’ for the lease of the cricket ground. For goodness sake this is a community organisation not Donald Trump doing a business deal! What on earth is to be gained if the Cricket Club goes under?

Then on page 38 there’s an advert from Maghull TC wanting to sell on the lease of Council owned property by the Leeds Liverpool Canal, with car park, pavilion, changing rooms etc. Who will buy the lease? Another Cricket Club? Another organisation who would then sub-let back to Maghull Cricket Club? This can only end in tears.

Then on page 48 (the back page) there’s a report of a Maghull Cricket Club match against Liverpool under the heading ‘Downpour thwarts Maghull’ It’s certainly a massive soaking that Maghull Cricket Club is presently getting and that’s not because of rain!

I live in neighbouring Lydiate these days so have no connection with Maghull Council any more but I look over at some of the things happening in Maghull, in the name of Maghull people, and I really do wonder what on earth is going on in the Town Hall bunker.

Yes I know there have been huge cut backs in the public sector because of austerity but Maghull Town Council has never had an Government grants to loose. It has lost its Double Rating payments from Sefton Council though but that in itself is an appalling act meaning that Maghull Council Tax payers (along with Lydiate and Aintree Village) are now paying twice for their parks and gardens! So if Maghull TC is crying poverty for at least some of its motivation for chasing community organisations for more money then the root cause of their problem is Labour-run Sefton Council who made the decision to impose the unfair Council tax situation in the first place.

I can’t tell you how sad this appalling situation makes me feel having lived in Maghull for 43 years.

Aintree Village – Before they set off for the Leeds Liverpool Canalfest

Yesterday canal narrow boats, barges and cruisers gathered by the dozen from just north of the Wango Lane swing bridge in Aintree Village ready for the flotilla that will reach Maghull Cricket Club’s ground around 2pm today. Here’s a shot of the gathering with the Pride of Sefton Trust’s barge in view:-

Lining up for the Flotilla

Lining up for the Flotilla

Today’s Canalfest celebrates the Bicentenary of the opening of the whole length of the Leeds Liverpool Canal which snakes it way through the Sefton East Parishes communities of Aintree Village, Melling, Maghull and Lydiate.

The photo is also amongst my Flickr shots at:-