Maghull – Moss Side Hospital/Shell Shock/Public Artwork

Readers of this blog site will recall how disappointed I was when the railway powers that be refused to acknowledge (in the name of the new Maghull North Station) the part the former Moss Side Hospital had played in the treatment of Shell Shock during and after WW1. Indeed, that disappointment was felt across a large number of campaigners as we wanted the station named ‘Maghull Moss Side’ because it sits on the site of the former hospital as does the new Poppy Fields housing estate.

View of platforms at Maghull North Station

My blog posting of December 2015 refers:-

We may have lost that particular battle but things have moved on in a far more positive way since and users of the new station will probably have seen the display boards that have been erected on the station’s platforms detailing the history we all wanted recognised. Here’s a photo of one of the boards:-

Now Maghull Town Council has stepped in and is to provide a piece of public artwork for display at the station. Details of the artwork can be found, via the link below, to the planning application documents recently submitted to Sefton Council (look at the Design & Access Statement):-

Local history is important in any community but in Maghull, which is world famous for 3 things, it is vital that the past is not forgotten. And the 3 things? This issue of course because of the pioneering medical work into trauma, the fact that Maghull had one of the first ever epileptic colonies (The Maghull Homes) and finally because it was the home of world famous toy maker Frank Hornby of Meccano, Dinky Toys and Hornby Model Railways fame. Who’d have thought that a town, which many think is just a post 2nd World War suburb of Liverpool, had such a history!

With thanks to Nigel for the lead to this posting.

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Maghull – Audrey Beattie – Sorry you’re leaving

Audrey Beattie has been well known face across Maghull for many a year now having lived in in the Town since the 1960’s firstly in Pimbley Grove West and in more recent times at Mayhall Court on Westway. She worked for quite a number of years at the Maghull Homes (now Parkhaven Trust) at both the Kiffin Taylor and Alexander Homes.

She has served as a Maghull Town Councillor and her son Andrew Beattie was both a Town and Borough Councillor (and indeed Town Mayor in 1996/97) who sadly died suddenly in 1999. Audrey has been a regular attender at St. Peter’s Church in Moorhey Road and with the Focus Group at Maghull Baptist Church

Now in her 80’s Andrey is moving to Cleveleys to be nearer to her daughter Alison.

I first got to know Audrey when I was around 12 years of age and she was a tough lady indeed. Any teenagers larking around could expect her to stand no messing. I still expect her to shoot first and ask questions later so to speak. My abiding memory of Audrey is that she is not someone to suffer fools gladly and we came up with a phrase that we thought summed her up when she was a councillor. The phrase? – Audrey has just given so and so a good hand-bagging. I think I may have been on the end of a few of them myself:-)

We will miss you Audrey – good luck for many more happy years in Cleveleys.

With thanks to Andrew Blackburn for his help with this posting and providing the photograph

Maghull – News on Parkhaven Trust’s new dementia care home

Place North West has news about Maghull’s Parkhaven Trust and it’s soon to be built dementia care facility – see link above

The former Maghull Homes sites at both Liverpool Road South/Green Lane and Deyes Lane/Damfield Lane in Maghull have changed almost beyond recognition since I ceased working there 1994 and here is another change on the way. I have blogged about developments on these two sites previously but this particular change is likely to most welcome due to the sadly rising demand for dementia car facilities.

With thanks to Roy Connell for the lead to this posting

Maghull – Where once there was farmland – Green Lane/South Meade

People who know me will realise how hard I have fought over the years to try to protect the character of the community around Maghull & Lydiate and indeed across wider Sefton Borough from what I see as inappropriate development.

Building on high grade agricultural land has long been an issue with me and it’s why I have opposed much of the land development that has recently been given the green light by Sefton Council.

The other day I drove past the building site off Green Lane/South Meade in Maghull where houses are presently being constructed. When I was a Sefton Councillor I voted against this site being developed. Sadly, I and my then fellow Maghull Councillor Andrew Blackburn were in a minority and permission was granted.

The land had until reasonably recent times been in agricultural use but that was not the only reason I was unhappy to see this particular site being concreted over. What Maghull has been losing over quite a number of years now has been the unique parkland landscape of the former Maghull Homes, now the Parkhaven Trust. This landscape once covered many, many acres over the two sites of the Maghull Homes off Deyes Lane/Damfield Lane and Sefton Lane/Green. I think it’s really sad that so little of it is left and for how much longer will what is left be there?

Yes I know that the Parkhaven Trust does all kinds of essential work (I worked for them myself in the 1980’s and early 1990’s) looking after the elderly and people with disabilities and I also realise that they have been selling off the land to develop that work, but the parkland type landscape has still been lost and two marvelous green lungs in the Maghull community are now much reduced.

Here’s how the Damfield Lane site is now looking as development takes place:-

Maybe it’s called progress but at what cost to the wider environment?

Stop Press – The recent announcement (In the Champion Newspaper) that building on site off Green Lane and adjacent to South Meade is to be extended further is a concern obviously, even though it is said to be for ‘affordable housing’. Of the many definitions of ‘affordable housing’ I wonder which it will be and how ‘affordable’ the houses will be?

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Maghull – Name new station ‘Maghull Moss Side’

Local chap Ross Ferguson is, together with a team of supporters, trying to push the railway powers that be to name the new and soon to be built Maghull North Station as ‘Maghull Moss Side’.

Site for the new Maghull North Railway Station.  Photo taken looking north from School Lane road bridge. The former Moss Side Hospital site is to the right and Mersey Avenue to the left.

Site for the new Maghull North Railway Station. Photo taken looking north from School Lane road bridge. The former Moss Side Hospital site is to the right and Mersey Avenue to the left.


I support their campaign as Moss Side Hospital is another of Maghull’s claims to world fame along with Frank Hornby and the Maghull Homes. There is a petition running on Change web site which I would urge you to support:-

Below is why the group are pushing for a change in the present project name for the new station. This is what they have to say in support of their campaign:-

We as members and former members of staff from Ashworth Hospital and the former Moss Side Hospital, would like to have the proposed new Maghull railway station named ‘Maghull Moss Side’ after the former Moss Side Hospital on who’s grounds the new station will be built. The former Moss Side Hospital has had a major influence on worldwide medicine and psychiatry, it was hailed as the first school of ‘Clinical Psychopathology’ in Britain and one of the first institutions in the world to recognise ‘Shell Shock’ (known today as ‘Post Traumatic Stress Disorder’ or PTSD) as a medical condition. Also as a one time major employer and housing provider in and around the town of Maghull, Moss Side Hospital has had a major influence in the shaping of Maghull from a one time small village into a modern town and a desirable place to live. Therefore, we feel the least that can be done to honour this groundbreaking institution is to have the new railway station named after it.

As an aside I also think that the present Maghull Station should be renamed as Maghull Hornby when the second railway station is built.

Why I voted against more building on the Parkhaven Trust site in Maghull

At the Meeting of Sefton’s Planning Committee last night I opposed the building of more housing on this piece of urban green space, off Green Lane and South Meade, because I am really concerned that the parkland aspect of this site is going to be lost forever if plots of it are incrementally built on. The plan was however approved but 3 councillors from Southport supported the view of myself and Cllr. Andrew Blackburn, meaning 5 of us opposed the plan with the rest (including 2 other Maghull councillors) supporting it.

The Parkhaven Trust site off Green Lane and South Meade in Maghull

The Parkhaven Trust site off Green Lane and South Meade in Maghull

I am not opposed to this great and historic local charity but neither was I prepared to vote for a plan that will reduce the amount of urban green space within this part of Maghull and mean that the site can’t being used as agricultural land ever again.

It’s only months since we had that huge community/political bust-up about the land off Damfield Lane, on the other side of Maghull, and that bust-up was over what had previously been another piece of the Parkhaven Trust’s (previously Maghull Homes) estate. If you recall Labour backed residents opposing the development there and then did a ‘U’ turn and voted the plan through!

Maghull Lib Dems opposed the Damfield Lane development and we remain deeply concerned about the loss of urban green space, just as we are Green Belt. Labour may well be prepared to vote through building on our green spaces and Green Belt but we do not share their vision for Maghull or Sefton Borough.