I’m in disgrace with Facebook

Something odd has happened today in that I find myself banned from using some Facebook features for the next 6 months.

It seems I can’t comment on other members postings neither can I share postings from my own Facebook page or that of Maghull in Bloom News for which I am the admin. I genuinely have no idea what this is all about.

If I have offended someone who has felt it appropriate to ask Facebook to bring in this ban I would appreciate some clue as to what I have done to cause offence. Otherwise, I can only presume that something unknown has triggered FB to take action and/or that there’s been some kind of IT glitch.

I have gone through FB’s processes to ask what this is all about and await their response.

Update – Today, 20th June, I seem to have been unbanned. Good news but what it was all about I have no idea…….