Maghull in Bloom – Barrier planters get winter flowers

The close up view of the winter planting.

The close up view of the winter planting.

Maghull in Bloom volunteers have replanted the barrier planters that sit on the pedestrian barriers all along Maghull’s Westway which cuts through the Town’s shopping centre.

The long view down Westway looking from the Leighton Ave junction towards the A59 Northway.

The long view down Westway looking from the Leighton Ave junction towards the A59 Northway.

Sheila and I were not able to assist on this occasion so our thanks to the volunteers who did such a splendid job.

Maghull – In Bloomers clearing out the Summer planting

Clearing out the Summer planting 04 10 16 (2)

Last Tuesday Maghull’s In Bloom Volunteers organised a session where they took out all the Summer planting from the barrier baskets along Westway in the Town.

It amazing how much can be done in a short period of time with a dozen volunteers all pitching in. All rounded off with a coffee at Costa made for a lovely afternoon in the sunshine.

Clearing out the summer planting 04 10 16

Maghull – In Bloom Volunteers tidy up the flower beds around Meadows Leisure Centre

Meadows Flower Beds 10 09 16 (2)

One of the areas of the Town that the ‘In Bloom’ volunteers have taken over in recent years are the flower beds at the front of Sefton Council’s Meadows Leisure Centre in KGV Park.

Meadows flower beds 10 09 16

Last Saturday was time to fettle out weeds and do some dead-heading as well as a general tidy up. Around a dozen volunteers turned out and the job was done in not much more than an hour.

And after the work a chat with friends over coffee in the Leisure Centre.


Maghull – Sadly the blooms have been struggling of late

Regular visitors to Maghull’s Central Square shops may have noticed that the flower baskets have not been looking their best over the past week or so.

A wilting, dry barrier basket on Westway

A wilting, dry barrier basket on Westway

The problem? Well it seems that Maghull Town Council has encountered some difficulties in completing the regular watering of the displays for reasons that, I think it is fair to say, the Maghull in Bloom volunteers don’t fully understand.

What the barrier baskets should look like - photo from June 2016.

What the barrier baskets should look like – photo from June 2016.

The watering schedule is Monday, Wednesday and Friday of each week but by Friday last the volunteers were getting rather concerned as the flower displays were wilting and the compost was quite dry.

Some persistent phone calls to Maghull Town Hall led to a hastily arranged watering session taking place late Friday afternoon but inspection of the blooms in the evening indicated that some plants in the barrier containers were at risk of not reviving.

I am told that when compost dries out too much re-hydrating it requires quite a soaking so for once this summer the volunteers were hoping that the promised heavy rain of yesterday over Maghull was just that – it was! Further checks will be made today and if there is still a problem the volunteers will try to work out if there is anything else they can do to save any plants still at risk.

So what went wrong last week? Why did the Town Council, who are usually such big supporters of Maghull in Bloom, stop the watering which is supposed to continue until the end of September? Will the displays perk up? I will post again if and when things become any clearer.

Maghull – Keeping up appearances

Sheila maintaining the flowers 08 16

Maghull has been looking good again this summer due to the work of the Maghull in Bloom (I don’t include my own meagre efforts here) and Maghull Station volunteers.

There are a lot of maintenance jobs to do not least the work of the ‘dead headers’ who each week take out of the baskets at the Square all the dead flower heads. It is a long task but the end result is more beautiful flowers being displayed.

Maintenance of the baskets on the Town’s boundary signs also needs to be done and Sheila and I have responsibility for the one on Southport Road. Watering and dead heading is required and we think that some kind person is helping as often when we check whether it needs water it seems to have been done. Whoever you are thanks and please don’t stop, your contribution is appreciated.

Maghull – In Bloomers – The final push and a small celebration of another year trying to improve Maghull’s environment.

The past few weeks have been very busy for Maghull’s ‘In Bloomers’, a bunch of volunteers trying to make Maghull look its best.

They have been at it for 9 years or more now and Sheila and I have been active within this great group of community-minded folk for the past year or so. I also had the privilege to work with the volunteers during my time as a Sefton Borough and Maghull Town Councillor.

Here’s a shot of the volunteers getting their hands dirty planting out the flower beds outside Meadows Leisure Centre on KGV Park:-

Planting at Meadows 12 07 16 (2)

And here are 3 volunteers having a well deserved rest in the courtyard of the Leisure Centre, which they also maintain:-

John and Anne Hill and  in Meadows Courtyard 12 07 16 (3)

Yesterday it was judging day with judges arriving in Maghull from North West in Bloom. They were taken on a tour of all the sites in the Town where volunteers and partner organisations have been working away; let’s hope for another good result as year on year they have been gaining top marks for making Maghull look great. There was also a celebration event yesterday to mark the culmination of the volunteer activities and here’s a shot from that:-


Sheila and I really enjoy working with the volunteers; why not come and join us if you live in Maghull/Lydiate? The Chairman of the volunteer group can be contacted at:-

With grateful thanks to Maghull Town Council, commercial sponsors of our In Bloom activities and everyone else; we could not achieve what we do without them.