Maghull in Bloom Judging Day

Last Wednesday was the 2013 judging day for Maghull in Bloom in respect of the various entries into North West in Bloom.

It seems, although we don’t know, that the judges were impressed with what they saw across the Town.

As chair of the Steering Group I met with the two experienced judges at Maghull Town Hall and explained to them how our Steering Group works and why it is useful in bringing together volunteers, councils and other bodies on a monthly basis to discuss projects, objectives and problems that have been encountered.

Ann Hill of Maghull in Bloom with Nigel Winchester of Maghull Station Volunteers enjoy a snack at the buffet that concluded the judges tour of Maghull.

Anne Hill of Maghull in Bloom with Nigel Winchester of Maghull Station Volunteers enjoy a snack at the buffet that concluded the judges tour of Maghull.

I remain hugely impressed with the work of the volunteers who are effectively in two groups i.e. the Maghull in Bloom Volunteers and the Maghull Station Volunteers. Our shopping centre and station are looking wonderful at present as are many other places across the Town.

I have no reason to think that Maghull will do anything but well in this year’s competition.

Maghull in Bloom Update 3

The Maghull in Bloom volunteers want to tackle a wooded glade right in the heart of Maghull at the junction of Westway and Liverpool Road North, across the road from the Hare and Hounds Pub. It is not well maintained or regularly litter picked which is a shame as it could look really nice. Many years ago Maghull Town Council offered to take it over and properly maintain it so the owners (the NHS) could save a few bob and the Town would look better. The offer was effectively turned down.

The land has belong to the NHS for 30 years or more (it abuts their Maghull Health Centre) but strangely they are saying, at least at a local level, that it is not/no longer their responsibility. I assume this odd response is due to the many reorganisations of the NHS under the previous and indeed current Government and that whomever is responsible for the land has got lost in a filing cabinet somewhere.

I am on the case trying to get the NHS to say whom we should now be speaking to and hope it will not be too long before we have an answer. After all if the NHS have volunteers knocking at their door you would like to think they would be very keen to engage with them.

Here are a couple of shots of the Dell:-

Hare and Hounds in background

Hare and Hounds in background

Litter due to lack of maintenance

Litter due to lack of maintenance

As an aside I also show (below) a shot of a bench that was installed in the nearby shopping centre by the volunteers in remembrance of one of their number who died not so long ago. If I told you that the Borough Council had raised concerns that it may be causing an obstruction I think, like me, you would think that maybe the Council should find something else to worry about!

rsz_img_B in B Bench 05 13

That Maghull boundary sign yet again!!!

Now this can challenge your will to live as readers of my previous postings on the subject will realise.

I really did think I had found the obvious solution after months of wrangling and procrastination i.e. to add the Maghull boundary sign on the two posts that already exist in the photo below. Then the Maghull in Bloom volunteers could reinstate one of their flower troughs which they place on all the Town’s boundary signs.


BUT………….. then I am told that Maghull Town Council has told the Maghull in Bloom volunteers that Sefton Borough Council has objected to the plan on the basis that folks will walk into the sign and possibly injure themselves!!!!! The fact that the poles are within a shrubbery area where pedestrians don’t walk would seem to have passed someone by.

So, I am back on the case yet again seeking explanations and trying to get this ridiculous farce sorted out. If anyone is going to bang their head on something it is probably me in utter frustration following months of being mucked about by Councils who should have resolved this problem without all this carry on!

Maghull in Bloom – 2nd Update Posting

This second in my present series of Maghull in Bloom postings concerns that piece of land outside the Royal Mail Sorting Office in Liverpool Road North Maghull. Readers will know I have often commented on the need to get this most prominent of grot spots sorted out.

It looks as if further progress will soon be made as the Maghull in Bloom volunteers have been working on a plan to get the area properly landscaped. This was how it looked a few days ago; hardly attractive! Let’s hope the volunteer’s plans bring about that long required spruce up. I am sure it will as they usually succeed where council’s and other land owners have failed.


Maghull in Bloom – 1st of three update postings.

Readers will know I am a big supporter of the Maghull in Bloom volunteers and I also have the privilege to chair the steering group that brings all the volunteers and organisations involved in this long-running project together on a monthly basis.

I thought I would run a few articles about some of the projects that Maghull in Bloom is presently involved with so here goes with the first of 3 initial postings.

The Leeds Liverpool Canal used to be a real mess but in recent years volunteers have been litter picking it on a weekly basis. What’s more local schools have also joined in and they helped in the past week to litter pick the canal tow path all the way from Aintree, through Melling, Maghull and Lydiate.

The regular volunteers do a great job and Maghull in Bloom has also provided some excellent planters (again maintained by volunteers) at prominent spots along the canal through Maghull.

Here are a couple of shots I took very recently. The first one let’s canal tow path users know that it is kept clean by volunteers. The second is at the Shop Lane swing bridge in Maghull.