Maghull Town Council by-elections – 2 lib Dem wins and an oh so close!

Following years of almost complete Labour domination of the electoral scene across not only Maghull but Sefton Borough (except Southport), last night showed what many may find surprising, Labour losses.

There were 3 by-elections held in Maghull across 3 separate Town Council wards – East, North and South. The Lib Dems took a seat from Labour in both East and North wards and came within 9 votes of doing the same in South ward.

Jen Robertson (2nd from left), Bruce Hubbard (3rd from left) and their team celebrate the Lib Dem wins at Maghull Town Hall.

Jen Robertson (2nd from left), Bruce Hubbard (3rd from left) and their team celebrate the Lib Dem wins at Maghull Town Hall.

Interestingly, the UKIP flame did not burn bright despite recent national indications that they may be on the up.

Why did Labour come unstuck? Very public internal squabbles that caused the 3 Labour councillors to resign, a hugely unpopular Green Bin tax proposal and their voting to build on Maghull’s Green Belt.

The results:-

Maghull East
Lib Dem – Bruce Hubbard 621 ELECTED
Labour 557
UKIP 165

Maghull North

Lib Dem – Jen Robertson 546 ELECTED
Labour 504

Maghull South

Labour 180 ELECTED
Lib Dem 171

Maghull East and North wards form Sefton Council’s Sudell ward where Labour have been dominant in recent times so with a good electoral turn out last night Labour’s hold on things certainly cracked. And this on top on a Lib Dem win against Labour a few weeks ago on Prescot Town Council in Knowsley Borough.

Sefton Central Labour – More on those internal disputes

I now hear that a vote of no confidence was recently put down within Sefton Central Labour and that some ward councillors are trying to disentangle/distance themselves from MP Bill Esterson’s office.

Also, returning to the odd carry on with Labour run Maghull Town Council where 7 Labour councillors have resigned in recent times it seems that the influence of Labour forces outside of the Labour councillor’s group has been a factor in the last 3 resignations. It has always looked like the Town Council Labour group were being told what to do by others and Labour sources are now pointing the finger at the MP’s Maghull Parliamentary Office as a source of friction.

With newspaper headlines like these, no wonder Labour is rocking!

Aintree & Maghull Champion 12th June 2013

Aintree & Maghull Champion 12th June 2013

Aintree & Maghull Champion 19th June 2013

Aintree & Maghull Champion 19th June 2013

Maghull Town Council – What the former Labour Leader of the Town Council has said about the running of the Council under Labour!

Only days ago I posted about Labour’s troubles in the Central Sefton Constituency in which Maghull is located. I knew Labour councillors had been at each others throats so to speak but even I was taken aback to read what the Council Leader (until just a few weeks ago) had to say in the Aintree & Maghull Champion newspaper.

The following is a direct quote which I have neither added to nor deleted from under the heading:-

Why I quit as Leader of the Town Council

“Some decisions are being taken within the town council which I feel are mainly in the interests of political expediency.

I more democratic approach would be a better way of doing things

I feel that Maghull Town Council is at present being used to further political careers rather than for what is essentially a parish council’s first priority – which should be the use of taxpayers’ money to help the greatest number of people

As a long-standing Labour party member, I think some councillors appear to hold values which I do not share

I found myself in a position which was intolerable and so felt unable to continue”