Maghull – Latest photos of Maghull North Station

Two photos taken today of the present state of works on Maghull’s brand new railway station which is due to open on Monday 18th June.

It was clearly never going to be ready for the original optimistic opening date in May but things seem to progressing well.

The lead photo is also amongst my Flickr shots at:-

Maghull North – Latest photos of new railway station

The above shots were taken on 1st May. The middle shot is of the station building and the last one is of the car park taking shape alongside the Poppy Fields housing development.

All on schedule for opening on 18th June I understand but on Sunday 17 June there will be no Merseyrail services north of the present Maghull Station, as the commissioning of the new Station is taking place.

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The new Maghull North Station is to blame

The Liverpool Echo has the story on its web site – see link above

News from the Echo (in a dramatic way?) about the consequences (on the Northern Line timetable) of the new Maghull North Station opening and also the consequences of Liverpool Lime Street being partly shut down again for further upgrade works.

Maghull to Kirkby via Melling – A cycle path for Prescot Road/School Lane?

Well it seems so as Sefton and Knowsley Councils are planning to construct one.

It will effectively run from the site of the new Maghull North railway station, over the Ashworth Junction of the M58 (where there’s already a short section of cycle path taking cyclists around the busy motorway junction) and on down Prescot Road towards Kirkby. The photo below shows the end of the present cycle path as you go around the junction heading towards Melling Mount:-

Sefton and Knowsley Councils are still developing proposals for the cycle track but the project has funding secured. Construction is scheduled for 2020 as I understand it. However, construction of the first section adjacent to the junction will take place soon as part of the contract to build the new westerly slip roads to the M58 junction. This move should alleviate the cyclists problem on the Kirkby side of the junction which I have previously identified.

I’m also told that on the Maghull side of the motorway junction, there will be a requirement on the developer/s of the proposed business park and housing development to continue the cycle path across the whole of the north of the site alongside School Lane. What is being referred to here is Maghull’s urban extension on the Maghull East site. The map below may assist in understanding the geography of what i an blogging about:-

The large red area is the ‘Maghull East’ urban extension. The M58 Junction 1 is in grey – with Prescot Road running north to south on the right of the map. School Lane runs across the northerly edge of red area. The yellow area is the presently being constructed Poppy Fields, Pavilions housing developments and new station site

More news when I have it.

Merseytravel – When you ask for an explanation about increases/changes in train ticket prices

Following a concern I saw on the Maghull Community Facebook Page I thought that asking Merseytravel to shine some light on the matter may assist. I’m not at all sure that it does though. Here’s the explanation which is associated with the opening of Maghull’s 2nd railway station (Maghull North) on 16th June and some increases in ticket prices which seem to be related……


There will be a percentage price increase for season ticket customers travelling from Maghull (inside Merseyside/Merseytravel zones to stations in Lancashire and from Lancashire to Maghull, all other ticket prices such as single and return maintain the same relative cost. The basic reason for the season ticket adjustment is explained below, whilst a few season ticket holders will see a price change the majority of customers will not and many will reap benefit of new station closer to their work or home.

The country boundary line will not move, but Maghull North will become effectively the last train station on this line in Merseyside and the ticketing rules / benefits previously attributed to Maghull which held this title (such as that both zones are valid) move to the new station. This increases the distance that customers travelling on a train in the Merseyside area, and thus increases the numbers that can benefit from the more competitive ticket prices available in Merseyside than that are available in Lancashire and brings the train and bus zone closer to parity. Customers can choose to utlise the brand new station and continue the ticket price levels to Lancashire stations previously enjoyed at Maghull.

The building of a new station is a very rare event and on the border of a network and a ticket validity area even rarer, while some customers travelling out of the Merseyside area will pay more; a significant number of customers living north of the current Maghull Station will benefit and season customers travelling south of Maghull North will effectively be able to travel further on a one zone ticket.

The new station has parking facilities and step free access and for customers travelling into Lancashire will benefit from a reduced journey time than those from Maghull.


When you’ve got your head around it please let me know.

Maghull – Delay in new Maghull North Station opening – Here’s why

News reaches us that the originally planned opening in May will not happen and presently the target day to open the new station on Merseyrail’s Northern Line (between Liverpool and Ormskirk) is said to be 18th June.

That a major project like this fails to reach its target opening date is no surprise at all – Just look at the new station at Kenilworth where 3 opening dates have come and gone and now no dates are being offered for the opening. Let’s hope Maghull North will not be on a similar track!

I asked our man on the inside of Merseytravel, Cllr. John Dodd, to find out what what’s going on and this is what he found out:-

‘The date [June 18th] has been selected based on the essential work Network Rail need to undertake on the signalling system to allow the introduction of the new station.’

A not particularly exciting answer but at least we have one.

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