A blast from the past – Beattie and Bamber or the two Mayors!

Looking through some old photos the other day I came across this one:-

Cllrs. Andrew Beattie & David Bamber

Cllrs. Andrew Beattie & David Bamber

Both these chaps served as Mayor of Maghull and indeed both were also Borough Councillors for the Town. David moved to Southport and went on to be elected as a councillor there after serving in Maghull. Sadly, Andrew was taken ill and died suddenly in early 1999 at the age of just 41.

As to when this photo was taken I think it was 1992 but the signs on the shops behind them, in Maghull Square, give an insight into the time period as do a couple of the vehicles. Smith’s the audio/TV shop has been gone many years indeed (as has Threshers) and Sayers is now the Pound Bakery.

I wonder what they were discussing?

Roy Castle Lung Cancer Charity Shop, Maghull – Closing soon


News reaches me that this popular charity shop in Maghull’s Central Square Shopping Centre is to close on Christmas Eve. I am informed that the reason for the closure is the cost of the rent for the shop unit.

It will be sad to see this shop close down because it has been raising money for this good cause for a number of years now. Indeed I have donated items to the shop myself.

Emporium project about to launch in Maghull

I have posted about this project previously and it is going to launch/open for the first time on Monday.

Here are a few shots of works that were on-going over the past couple of days to ready the shop unit for action.

The outside - Graphic by Les French of course.

The outside – Graphic by Les French of Caractor Graphics.

This is s hot of the rentable bays being readied

This is a shot of the rentable bays being readied

The idea is that small start-up businesses can rent a bay within the shop unit in Maghull Square Shopping Centre to see if they can make a go of their entrepreneurial ideas. In simple terms they can road test their business model at low cost on the high street.

Let’s hope this joint private/public sectors project leads to successful retail businesses taking shape.