Maghull Station in 1940


This picture was originally published in the Liverpool Daily Post (now sadly and recently no more) in 2005 and it shows a very cold and snowy Maghull Station during WWII. I have tried to track down a copy of the photo but without any luck so far.

The canopy on the Liverpool bound side (right hand side) is the one that I recently commented upon following its excellent refurbishment.

It makes you feel cold just to look at it!

Maghull Station – Canopy repairs & Station Volunteer’s books to read

The before shot

The before shot

Job done - excellent repairs to keep the Victoria era canopy in good condition

Job done – excellent repairs to keep the Victorian era canopy in good condition

Have a read on the train

Have a read on the train

A wile ago on this site I commented on the condition of the Liverpool bound canopy of Maghull Station, which was clearly feeling its Victorian age! The good news is that the repairs have been completed and the end result is spot on – see first and second photos above.

Whilst on the subject of Maghull Station the small book lending project set up by Maghull Station Volunteers continues (in the Liverpool bound platform waiting room) with books freely coming and going. I nice touch indeed – see third photo.

Maghull Station it’s a winner! RAIL magazine has the story



I posted recently about Maghull Station winning the national Small Station of the Year Award and the latest edition of RAIL magazine carries a story about all the award winning stations across the Country.

I have long admired the work of the Maghull Station Volunteers because they are at the heart of transforming Maghull Station from a drab ordinary station to what has become one of national acclaim. It may be well done Merseyrail but it’s very well done Maghull Station Volunteers.

Also, have a look at this video. It’s of a Network rail Multipurpose vehicle probably on leaf or ice clearing duties running through Maghull Station:-

Maghull Station Canopy

It’s taken a while to get to the bottom of what has been going on with regard to the historic canopy over the Liverpool-bound platform of Maghull Station but the official word from Merseytravel is that “the structure is being refurbished and not replaced” and “the damaged spars in the roof are being replaced and the asphalt roofing replaced with slate.”


Above was the scene when I snapped the propted up canopy a few weeks ago.

Maghull Station Canopy


I took this photo a couple of weeks ago and it is clearly the case that this historic canopy over the Liverpool bound platform must have been in danger of collapsing based on the temporary prop that has been put in place.

I am pursuing this via Merseytravel/Merseyrail and very much hope that permanent repairs will be made. We don’t want to see a modern canopy replacing this excellent Victorian one that Frank Hornby himself must have stood under.

More news when I get it.

Frank Hornby’s Station – Maghull

World famous toy maker Frank Hornby lived yards away from Maghull Railway Station for most of his adult life and legend has it that he used the now sadly dilapidated Station Master’s House as the basis for one of his model buildings.

This shot of the former Stationmaster's Hse at Maghull Station was taken in June 2006. Sadly it is in worse condition now.

This shot of the former Stationmaster’s Hse at Maghull Station was taken in June 2006. Sadly it is in worse condition now.

Moving on – In the wake of the hugely successful first ever Maghull Hornby Festival here are 3 shots of Maghull Station. The first shot is of a mosaic designed by students at Deyes High Academy and erected at the Station.


Great work by a Maghull artist

Great work by a Maghull artist

Above – A local artist pained this where some of the station windows used to be

Below is a shot of the original canopy on the Liverpool bound platform where I am sure Frank Hornby often sheltered from bad weather. It needs some work doing to it and I hear that this will be done soon. Let’s hope the underside (shown in the photo) is well preserved.

Canopy at Maghull Station

Canopy at Maghull Station

The Maghull Station Voluneers continue to do outstanding work led by Nigel Winchester. What’s the betting that they will win more awards in North West In Bloom this year