Maghull – Wind Orchestra at Sefton Park Palm House

As a follower of Maghull’s excellent Wind Orchestra I found myself back at the Sefton Park Palm House where yesterday’s Christmas concert was being held.


It’s a lovely place to listen to music, in fact it is a lovely place full stop


This community orchestra now has 130 members and around 70 were present and playing in the Palm House on Sunday.

What’s more it was standing room only as the place was packed out and we were treated to a lovely sunset too:-


The Orchestra are next in action on Tuesday evening (tomorrow) at Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral where I will be be acting as roady to flute player Jen Robertson again.

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Liverpool – Another visit to Sefton Park Palm House with Maghull Wind Orchestra

I always enjoy a visit to the Palm House in Sefton Park; it is a magnificent building.

Sefton Park Palm House r

I was there in my usual role as roadie to flute player Jen Robertson on 25th June, as Maghull Wind Orchestra were playing their usual summer concert at the venue.

Of course the concert was excellent and there was a standing room only audience for it. Indeed, Sheila and I did not get a seat until late in the concert, but stood by a door my eyes lighted upon this makers plate for the Palm House. An interesting bit of history:-

IMG_8204 r

Looking forward to the orchestra’s next visit at Christmas, so that won’t be long then!!!

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Maghull Wind Orchestra at the Bridgewater Hall

Well it seems that Sefton Borough’s most prominent wind orchestra has made it in the big time after playing at Manchester’s Bridgewater Hall today.


They were a part of a Opera entitled Get Weaving and they sounded great as indeed did all the participants.

Leaving Liverpool, Scouse passports in hand and off to that other place at the opposite end of the East Lancs Road (which is usually not mentioned in anything but disparaging terms by Liverpool folk) our brave orchestra went. Yes, Manchester to Scousers is an alien place just like Yorkshire is to those of us from Nottinghamshire.


Playing at the Bridgewater, even though it is in Manchester, must be the pinnacle for any musician because it was built for music incorporating many modern acoustic advances which make it a truly wonderful place to listen to and perform music. I have seen The Rippingtons and Bob James’ Fourplay band there in the past so knew how good the place would be for our own quite wonderful local musicians of Maghull Wind Orchestra.

So we had a great time but don’t ask me what the opera was all about because I got the impression that only the writer of the lyrics really knows. I got the bit about celebrating the famous mass traspass of Kinder Scout in the 1930’s but the other aspects of it were a little mystical to me.

Double Trouble at Maghull Town Hall

The chaos in the car park of Maghull Town Hall and Meadows Leisure Centre around 7.15 tonight had to be seen to be believed. Grid lock was reached as far too many cars were trying to get in and indeed out.

Maghull Town Hall

The trouble was a double booking by Maghull Town Council of its Function Room involving Maghull Wind Orchestra and a Rotary Club dinner. The Wind Orchestra had to vacate the premises that they usually practice in each Tuesday evening hence the chaos. There are a lot of them with a lot of gear. 80 can turn up at each practice night with all their musical instruments! They decamped to Maghull Baptist Church on the other side of the A59 after a generous and quick opening up of the closed church hall. Maghull Baptist Church really got the Town Council out of a hole.

It itself it could be viewed as an unfortunate one-off event but anecdotal comment has been reaching me for a while to the effect that the Town Hall bookings system has been struggling. Seems that the bookings process needs a revamp as the chaos of tonight does not need to be repeated.

Come on Maghull Town Council, you can do better.

A Merry Christmas to all


May I wish everyone a very merry Christmas

I could not find three wise men but then again are there any these days (particularly in politics – although I suspect Justin Trudeau the new Prime Minister of Canada would a front runner)? Wise women is probably nearer the mark. However, I did find 3 Christmas trees that I photographed this December.


The top one was taken in the Anglican Cathedral in Liverpool when Maghull Wind Orchestra was playing there (I avoided being thunder bolted as an atheist). The second one was outside Sefton Park Palm House (again when MWO was playing there and I was a roadie for a flute player!). The last one has a Yorkshire feel to it as it was taken inside Salts Mill, Saltaire, Bradford.


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A work colleague of mine has just lost his mother and another friend has a terminally ill wife and this will be repeated in families everywhere. Such losses and battles for life seem to be all the more keenly felt at this time of year so a thought for those less fortunate will be on my mind whilst I try to enjoy the Christmas festivities.

A Merry Christmas to all

Maghull Wind Orchestra at Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral

Tonight the ever growing reputation of Maghull Wind Orchestra went up another notch as they played to a packed audience in Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral.



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The performance also included a Chamber Choir from Belvedere Academy who unfortunately were rather drowned out by the Cathedral organ but came into their own when singing to a piano. Their rendition of Once in Royal David’s City brought back memories of my own solo performance of this popular Christmas carol at St. Helen’s Church in Sefton Village many, many moons ago. I was a choir boy there and before that at St. Andrew’s Church in Maghull in the days when I followed my parents religion.

But back to MWO whom I have seen in action twice in the past 3 days. I understand there were around 90 of them playing tonight and a wonderful sound they made too. They seem to make a big impression wherever they play and they must be doing more than their bit to put Maghull on the musical map.