Fracking – So do you think it’s a good idea? It’s really NOT!

Fracking is on our doorstep but how many folks really appreciate that and indeed the troubles that it could well cause in mid-Sefton and West Lancashire?

The process is advancing in Great Altcar, West Lancashire and at some point, subject to further permissions etc. a green light could be given to start fracking under our communities. Lydiate, Formby, Ince Blundell, Little Crosby, Hightown, Crosby, Little Altcar, Great Altcar, Maghull, Downholland are all within range for the process to take place below them.

But, have a look at this Channel 4 News video which details what has happened in Holland and then turn around and tell me, those of you who back fracking, that you are still happy for it to take place under your community.

You may want to consider backing the work of the Moss Alliance if you are not doing already, who are trying to fight off fracking locally:-

Lydiate Parish Council, on which I sit, has allocated £500 to assist the Moss Alliance in any legal battles they may fight as I have mentioned before on this blog site.

Maghull – It’s new North Station certainly has had it’s fair share of snagging issues

I guess that any new building and construction will have its snagging issues but Maghull’s new North station certainly has had what some folk would suggest is more than its fair share.

* No level access off School Lane for pedestrians, cycles and those with disability until 3 months after the station was opened and still no dropped kerb off School Lane for cyclists.

* A rather strong smell which I’m told is now being attended to.
* Lifts not working to platforms for first couple of weeks after station opening.
* Still a non-functioning public toilet

* No pedestrian/cycle path from Park Lane yet

* Appalling noise from testing of PA system
* Why only one small open shelter on the busy Liverpool bound platform?

Another issue raised by some locals is the old 6ft wooden boarded fence which has mostly been taken away but for part that fronts the station onto School Lane. Yes it presently has artwork on large banners affixed to it that was produced by local school children but obviously those banners will have a limited life. What happens to the old fence then? It will be no positive advert for Merseyrail that’s for sure when the banners are gone.

And of course there’s some head scratching going on about why the bus stops are a fair step or fifty away from the station:-

Don’t get me wrong, I’m delighted that it’s been built as I campaigned for it over many years but I really do wonder about the detail of the project management. And you may wonder why I’ve not mentioned the size of the car park which is clearly a problem too i.e. it seems to be far too small. Well yes it is but that’s really a consequence of the lack of adequate car parking at the 3 stations north of Maghull North, indeed Aughton Park has none at all! Also the pricing structure of tickets can encourage folk to drive to Maghull’s 2 stations to pick up a Liverpool bound train. Trouble is this in turn means that whilst Maghull has a vast car park and Maghull North has a reasonably sized one there’s no room on a normal work day in either for Maghull, Lydiate and Melling resident’s cars unless they get there very early. This unfortunate conundrum, which will inevitably lead to more and more commuter’s cars being parked on the Poppy Fields Estate, needs to be addressed by Merseytravel & Lancashire County Council.

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Maghull’s Moss Side and the Great War Remembered at The Atkinson Southport

As a follow up to my preceding posting about how Maghull’s world famous former Moss Side Hospital is being recognised at the new Maghull North Station here are some details of a project and research concerning the hospital which is now on public display at Southport’s lovely Atkinson Museum and Gallery.

History board about Moss Side Hospital on the platform of the new Maghull North Station

Here’s a link to information about project and when you can visit the gallery:-

Extract from Atkinson web page – Local volunteers have been unearthing fascinating stories relating to Moss Side Military Hospital in Maghull. The hospital pioneered treatment for soldiers with shell shock during the First World War & treated over 3,600 patients between opening in December 1914 and 1919. Moss Side became renowned in the developing field of psychological medicine, with clinical staff at the time were described as “the brilliant band of workers who made Maghull the centre for the study of abnormal psychology”.

The Atkinson Southport photographed in November 2015 – Photographer unknown

With thanks to Keith Page for the lead to this posting

PS. On an unrelated matter if you are a Maghullian or anyone else for that matter and visit The Atkinson look out for their large display of Hornby related Toys and models. Other than the Frank Hornby Experience within Meadows Leisure Centre The Atkinson display is probably the most extensive you can find in the Liverpool City Region

Maghull – Moss Side Hospital/Shell Shock/Public Artwork

Readers of this blog site will recall how disappointed I was when the railway powers that be refused to acknowledge (in the name of the new Maghull North Station) the part the former Moss Side Hospital had played in the treatment of Shell Shock during and after WW1. Indeed, that disappointment was felt across a large number of campaigners as we wanted the station named ‘Maghull Moss Side’ because it sits on the site of the former hospital as does the new Poppy Fields housing estate.

View of platforms at Maghull North Station

My blog posting of December 2015 refers:-

We may have lost that particular battle but things have moved on in a far more positive way since and users of the new station will probably have seen the display boards that have been erected on the station’s platforms detailing the history we all wanted recognised. Here’s a photo of one of the boards:-

Now Maghull Town Council has stepped in and is to provide a piece of public artwork for display at the station. Details of the artwork can be found, via the link below, to the planning application documents recently submitted to Sefton Council (look at the Design & Access Statement):-

Local history is important in any community but in Maghull, which is world famous for 3 things, it is vital that the past is not forgotten. And the 3 things? This issue of course because of the pioneering medical work into trauma, the fact that Maghull had one of the first ever epileptic colonies (The Maghull Homes) and finally because it was the home of world famous toy maker Frank Hornby of Meccano, Dinky Toys and Hornby Model Railways fame. Who’d have thought that a town, which many think is just a post 2nd World War suburb of Liverpool, had such a history!

With thanks to Nigel for the lead to this posting.

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Maghull – At last, level access to Maghull North Station

Well we’ve waited for 3 months but finally level access to Maghull’s new North Station has been provided off School Lane and it was open yesterday:-

Still no dropped kerb for cyclists though, so they can access the path, so time to put some pressure on Sefton Council to get that work done. And surely the bill should be paid by Merseytravel, should it not? This is the offending kerb:-

More news when I get it.

Maghull – A Facebook Community Group’s demise – Some thoughts

In a surprise move a few days ago the Maghull Community facebook Group, which had around 8,000 members, suddenly closed down. It left me and I suspect many others scratching their heads wondering what on earth had happened. Then a friend sent me this:-

Hi fellow Maghullians. Well it’s been a very stressful 48 hrs. As you are aware, the Community Page has been archived, and MCP would like to inform its lovely members why this very saddening step has been taken.

This site was created for the Community; for the people of Maghull to make friends, share stories and feel part of something bigger than themselves. However, as in reality, a virtual society needs guidelines to try to keep the majority happy. This includes rules like No Advertising – the Business Page is for this, no re-occurring Recommendations – the Recommendations Tab is for this, and of course more importantly being polite and not swearing on the page – remember we all have friends and family on the page – would you like bad language or inappropriate remarks being made in front of your own children, parents, etc?

When MCP first started, it only had a few hundred members, which was a pleasure to cast an eye over. As the numbers grew, it became more difficult to keep on top of requests, complaints about posts, and bullying, etc. Although more members were drafted in to help on Admin, it quickly grew into thousands, and became an impossible task to deal with everything that came along. With almost 9000 members, a 20 minute glance at the page has been vastly increased, and it has literally taken over the volunteers lives. Some say it does not need moderating, but some of the disgusting and disgraceful posts that have been reported or deleted, argue otherwise. MCP reflects that some things could have been handled differently, maybe some could have been acted on more quickly, and some more sensitively, however, it was run by people, not robots, and sometimes emotions get the better of people.

Over the last 48 hrs, a very small minority of the previous MCP have publicly made some very upsetting comments about this page, people on the page, and even guarded threats. This minority has made the last 2 days very disturbing for those involved in the page and has meant the page was amended, to be run anonymously. Subsequent jubilant remarks of MCPs demise, followed by shocking verbal attacks and upsetting and frightening physical threats on other social media pages, has lead to its saddening current status of archive.

MCP has always strived to satisfy the many, to the annoyance of the disgruntled few. These few are now publicly making personal remarks aimed towards people they have never met. These remarks are being read by people who are judging this few, and their behaviour, hopefully unwittingly, but nevertheless, portraying themselves as bullies and verging on a lynch mob.

The written word can often be taken out of context and it’s worth remembering that whatever gets written on the web can never fully be deleted, and will leave a ‘digital footprint’ behind. Once said, it cannot be unsaid – a great lesson to remember is; if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

Please remember folks, this is just a Facebook page and to most of us, there are much more important things to focus on. There are lots of FB pages people can join (or leave). Take a look at them; If you don’t like it, don’t join, or read, or comment! Like the MCP, most are not a dictatorship – try it, if you don’t like it, that’s fine, do your own thing, but don’t lower yourselves to trying to belittle, exploit or bully others; it’s not big, and it’s certainly not clever!

MCP would like to thank all of its valued members for your loyal membership, your lovely messages of support over the months, and particularly the last 48 hrs. Understandably, people may wonder why it couldn’t have been handed over to another member. However, it was felt that it would always be associated with the original creator, who as stated, were faced with threats towards them and their home. The young families of all involved had to be paramount. Therefore, the most difficult decision was made, that the only solution would be for the group to be removed completely.

Hopefully someone picks up the mantle to fill this gap; another community group that is about the little things, about being an online community who are there for each other, who are not members purely to gain for themselves or belittle others, but to share in something that is there for the spirit of togetherness and generosity.

Thanks to you all. Finally, let this be the line drawn and move forward. “Forgive, forget, bear with the faults of others, as you would have them bear with yours”. x

Quite a read indeed and my first thoughts were bullying and even the potential for hate crime issues at the extreme end of the troubles outlined.

Although the above is only one side of the story it is a very sorry read indeed. People being unwilling to follow group rules jumps out at you and sadly this must be a big problem across all social media. Why some people behave in ways they know they should not do is interesting on one level and frankly it would be useful to hear why those who gave out the grief to the group admins did what they did. Were they motivated by politics with either a small or a big P? Do some folks simply enjoy the use of inappropriate language and behaviour or is the problem that what is unacceptable to to some is very much everyday behaviour to others. Could the admins have inadvertently brought trouble upon themselves by trying to maintain standards that a significant minority of the group simply did not recognise as being acceptable to them?

Some time ago I was asked whether I was an admin for the MCP. An odd question I thought because all I was doing was placing some of my blog items, that may be of interest to Maghull folk, on the Page. I was also asked by an opposition politician some time ago if the people running the MCP were Lib Dems or words to that effect? Another odd question and to which I responded I have no idea, I only know that one of the admins is a Maghull in Bloom volunteer.

I’m aware as are many others that some folk allegedly got themselves banned from the Page due to inappropriate behaviour of one sort or another. Some of them did not go quietly it seems?

Social media has a big part to play in any community these days but managing a group with literally thousands of members, some of whom may be daggers drawn with each other, must be a quite a challenge and a time consuming one at that. I run a small FB Group where everyone gets on but the responsibility for running one where all sorts is going on day in day out must be very dispiriting indeed. Frankly, I can see why the admins decided they had just about had enough and shut the doors.

In many ways FB has, on a community level, replaced/enhanced exponentially the letters page of the local newspaper, but in the old days you had to go to the trouble of writing a letter, posting it and then having the paper’s editor holding the decision as to whether it was printed or not. Now a community FB page provides instant publicity for your just cause, prejudice, hatred, political stand point etc. etc. etc. The the word ‘instant’ is crucial here because it allows the angry to say what maybe should not be said in the heat of the moment. In other words it’s possible to put out there some useful timely information that many will benefit from knowing about, but it’s just as possible to come back from the pub and say what a sober person would not say. It’s this instant gratification that can often do far more harm than good and no one has yet found a way to moderate social media when it is in the hands of every single one of us. Why even Trump is on Twitter!!!!