The most magnificent tree in Maghull?

The other day my old chum and former Maghull councillor Roy Connell said that he thought the Copper Beech tree in a garden at the junction of Liverpool Road South and Ormonde Avenue was probably the the most magnificent tree in the Town.

Of course Roy has form when it comes to trees as it was he, as this blog site has mentioned before, who got trees planted on the vast traffic island in Maghull’s Green Lane (see link below) which will forever more be know as Roy’s Roundabout!

So I went to have a look and you know Roy is right it is a magnificent tree:-


It’s funny I have lived in Maghull since I was 10 and within half a mile of this tree for 14 years yet the joy of this magnificent tree was a part of the backdrop of Maghull that I took for granted and hardly noticed.

Roy Connell now lives in exile in Ainsdale.

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Maghull then and now – Liverpool Road North 2

Following on from my posting of 28th June

here are the second ‘then and now’ photos of Liverpool Road North Maghull.

They are of the same stretch of road but focus on one particular building on the eastern side of it. Again there is no date for the ‘then’ photo but I am guessing it will be pre-WW1?

rsz_liverpool_rd_nth_maghull 2


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A new Maghull memories web site & don’t forget Lydiate too

I GREW UP IN MAGHULL (so did I – lived in Maghull from 1968 to 2011)

The editor of this new site asked me to put a link from my web site to theirs and I am happy to have done that.

Local history is fascinating so take a look if you have ever lived in Maghull and consider yourself a Maghullian.

And don’t forget there are a couple of other Maghull and Lydiate based sites that I am aware of which may be of interest:-



Narrow Boats, barges, maintenace boats and cruisers – All seen in Lydiate

Lydiate is blessed with having the Leeds Liverpool Canal flowing through it as indeed are the other Sefton Borough communities of Melling, Maghull, Aintree Village, Netherton, Litherland and Bootle. Lydiate is also the home, as I have posted before, of the Mersey Motor Boat Club.

A walk along the length of the canal through Lydiate can bring forth all kinds of sights and sounds of canal boating. Narrow boats, barges, maintenance boats, cruisers etc. All these shots were taken on the same day in May 2014:-

A canal barge – wide in comparison with a narrow boat:-


Narrow Boats aplenty:-



A short narrow boat

A short narrow boat

A medium length narrow boat

A medium length narrow boat

Maintenance Barge

Maintenance Barge

A Canal Cruiser

A Canal Cruiser

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Maghull then and now – Liverpool Road North 1

I was given a couple of old photos by a retired lady who used to live at at 165 Liverpool Road North a few years ago and having rediscovered them they are quite fascinating. Here is the first one together with the same spot photographed in May 2014.

Unlike my previous ‘then and now’ photos of Sefton Lane, which I posted a few weeks ago, these two old photo’s show considerable changes. I will post the other one soon:-

The date of this photo is unknown but seems to be pre-WW2

The date of this photo is unknown but seems to be pre-WW2


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The Old Forge – Maghull

What is now the Old Forge, just off Liverpool Road North/Hickson Avenue in Maghull, was once a well known blacksmith business. When the business closed in the 1960’s the building remained pretty much as it was the day that it closed until 2010 when it was tastefully converted into a lovely modern house.

My previous posting of 14/02/2011 refers

but the reason I return to the matter is that I have found a photo of the building in its original state from 2002.


This photo is amongst my Flickr shots at:-

The sign above the window reads Robert Barnes and Sons I recall you could then look through the windows to see the inside laid out as it would have been used to conduct a blacksmith’s business.

Below is the plaque that the Olsen family and Maghull Town Council erected on the building as a nod to its interesting history.