Sefton Council’s Leading Lights do not impress visiting resident to a Council meeting

Below is a letter written to the Champion newspaper by Maghull resident Mal Gore who found a recent visit to a Council meeting hugely disappointing.

Dear Editor

Arriving at the meeting like a drowned rat, due to the torrential rain, I thought they were going to discuss amendments to the Local Plan as outlined by the government inspector but instead we had to endure two hours of behaviour more like that of an infant school playground.

It was evident that, as far as the ruling party is concerned, the complete destruction of Maghull and Lydiate is one huge joke. Most of the time they were actually either congratulating themselves or making cheap jibes at the newly elected independent councillors, who are giving their time to speak and vote on behalf of the people who elected them. I realise that this is a concept alien to the councillors who currently represent us but they should try it sometime.

Each jibe was treated with approval, especially by the ladies in the front row, all that was missing were a few balls of wool, some knitting needles and “Madame la Guillotine”. We were then treated to a maiden speech by a Sudell councillor elected TWO years ago. If ever you need a reason to reduce the number of councillors, then this is it.

This was a night I was ashamed to be a Sefton resident and it made me even more angry when I realised I was paying for all of this through my Council Tax
Malcolm Gore,
Maghull Resident.

Maghull – Accidents around Maricourt School

The letter below has been written by Maghull resident Malcolm Gore in response to an article in the Aintree and Maghull Champion newspaper regarding the dangerous (for pedestrians) nature of the junction of Hall Lane and Damfield Lane outside Maricourt RC High School in Maghull.

Dear Editor,

After reading the article on safety at Maricourt High School, ( Champ 8th June), I feel there is one major relevant point to be made. This has been a problem for years and my sympathies are with any family that has suffered due to an accident here.

Sefton’s huge planned urbanisation of Maghull will result in almost 2,000 houses being built in close proximity to Maricourt and not only will this greatly increase the number of pupils going there but will result in increased numbers of primary pupils being driven to St. Georges school down Hall Lane, greatly increasing the problem.

When this was explained to Sefton Traffic Dept they reported to the Overview and Scrutiny Committee that they saw no “tipping point” when traffic would be a problem and preferred to” Sort it out on an ongoing basis.” They were also quite happy for developers to do their own traffic survey.

The fact the Highways Dept are showing concern now leaves me speechless. As does the fact that local councillors are also showing concern when they are the very same councillors who have voted for the huge development in the first place and even failed to oppose it at Town Council level.

Far from sorting out the Maricourt problem, the Local Plan will make it far worse.

Malcolm Gore

Maghull resident.

Sefton’s Local Plan – A Maghull resident puts his concerns into verse

This was written as a follow up to a previous verse that was published in the Champion Newspaper.

Campaigners, outside Maghull Town Hall trying to save Sefton Borough's high grade agricultural land from development.

Campaigners, outside Maghull Town Hall trying to save Sefton Borough’s high grade agricultural land from development.

RIP Maghull and Lydiate Part Two.

In 2012 you published my letter,
An obituary for our town, in verse.
After five weeks of public inquiry,
The situation has become far worse.

It will be like the Viking invasions,
As builders destroy our community town,
With the blessing of council and planners,
Unless the Inspector gives the thumbs down.

Your local groups attended every hearing,
To plead your cause, with experts, at great cost,
Whist the appearances of local councillors,
Were limited, four or five days at most.

With plans to surround us with fields full of houses,
There will be nowhere to soak up excess rain
So living in a flood risk area,
Boxing Day floods will soon happen again.

Local traffic will come to a standstill,
As vehicles creep along roads, nose to tail.
At peak times you may be overtaken,
By a rather athletic looking snail.

Make no mistake, we’ll all be affected,
We will all be in the same plight.
Because at least until 2030,
We will all live on one huge building site.

Despite all their eleventh hour protests,
Please don’t believe what your councillors say.
The reason we’re in this situation,
It’s had their support, each step of the way.

Malcolm Gore,
Concerned Resident.

Guest Posting – Corbynomics and local political affiliations – Malcolm Gore writes

Maghull resident Malcolm Gore wrote this letter to the Champion newspaper

Dear Editor,
I found Bill Esterson’s pledge of 100% support for Jeremy Corbyn in last week’s Champion rather alarming.

Corbyn’s extremist views have been well documented recently in the press, his opposition to the monarchy, his willingness to share a platform with terrorist friends, his desire to axe our nuclear capability and probably the army as well, his stance on immigration and his ideas that the solution to any economic problems is to print money, which any A level economics student will tell you, leads to hyper-inflation, are disturbing. Even worse is the desire of his Shadow Chancellor to return to those “halcyon days ” of the 1970’s. Does this mean Bill now shares these views and would vote for them?

Like myself, Mr Esterson has publicly criticised our local councillors, who once elected, toe the party line to the determent of their own electorate, yet when he finds himself in similar circumstances he can’t wait to jump into the “party tent”. I feel sure the majority of hard working, long standing, Labour supporters in Sefton East, do not share these views. Surely it would do his credibility far more good ,to resign the party whip and fight for the mandate on which he was elected.

I fear he has spent too much time in Andy Burnham’s company, borrowing someone else’s “flip- flops” is unhealthy.

Malcolm Gore
Maghull Resident

It was not published in the following edition of 23rd September

Whom we elect – Thoughts of a Maghull elector

Maghull resident Mal Gore wrote this and it is reproduced with his permission:-

It was election time in Fairyland,
Voting fever should have been in the air.
But the three candidates were so boring,
Nobody seemed to care.

The king of the fairies had been banished,
No one believed a word he would say.
It was time to shake up the constitution,
A president was the call of the day.

Then just for a laugh one old fairy wag,
Persuaded old Morning Star he should stand.
His ideas were weird and when tried before,
Had bankrupted the gnomes in Gnomeland.

But the young did not know, the old had forgot,
Just how dangerous his ideas could be.
No need for defence, print money like mad,
Nationalisation, that was the key.

The gnomes in Gnomeland thought this was a chance,
So with fairy costumes bought on the gnome internet.
They rowed cross the pond and for three moonbeams spent,
A vote in the election they could get.

Morning Star won hands down, a great victory,
But after twelve months, how bad things had gone
The fairies were skint and with no defence,
The gnomes invaded, a victory won.

Now this is fairyland and so quite easily,
The status quo was restored with the wave of a wand.
The gnomes sent away, sanity was restored,
And Morning Star was drowned in the pond.

The moral we must take from this story,
Because in life what you vote for you keep.
Beware of starting events you cannot control,
Remember, what you sow you must reap.

Mal Gore.

Sefton Local Plan – Residents take on Council spin

A commentary on Sefton Council’s bizarre Local Plan process from Malcolm and Joan Gore of Maghull:-

I read with interest this weeks article [Champion newspaper of 22nd July] on the Local Plan and Councillor Maher’s [Council Leader] comments but feel there should be a few points of clarification.

Firstly the new figures are from the D.C.L.G. a government department and would be the same irrespective of which party is in power.

Secondly, what the Council decided was to submit the plan as it stands but to immediately review it in light of the new statistics. To this end they are providing the inspector with details of sites, previously rejected and some new ones, that developers have applied for since the plan was passed.

They promise to consult with neighbouring authorities, hoping that they will increase their housing provision but as they all have already had their Local Plans passed, this is a bit of a “red herring”. In fact if Sefton had produced a plan quicker, we would not be in this predicament.

This means that if the plan for 615 houses is adopted the Council can then review it and build even more houses, wherever they want, without consultation, with Lydiate and Maghull Green Belt taking an even bigger hit.

The 615 figure has always been vigorously contested by everyone, so now the figures are approaching the ridiculous. The council should be disputing these household projection figures, which has seen Sefton’s rise from one of the lowest in the country to one of the highest in the space of a few years but why would they when originally back in 2013, the third draft plan option was to build even more houses on more greenbelt land.

Malcolm and Joan Gore

Maghull residents.