Southport FC – It’s been a terrible season

Oh dear what a mess, more managers tried than you could imagine, the Chairman has resigned, other directors are going to quit and rock bottom of the National League too.

During the period that my team, Mansfield Town, were in the National League (or whatever it was called at the time) I really enjoyed going to Southport’s Haigh Avenue Ground to watch the two teams play.

My dear friend David Rimmer, who sadly died last year, was a staunch Southport supporter and I have other friends who are fans and even work for the club. They must be despairing at present.

As an opposition supporter I was always made very welcome when I went to a game there and I really do feel for the fans who must be, to use an old football term, gutted.

Southport FC V Mansfield Town FC again?

Sadly both teams seem to have fired the starting pistol to see who can get relegated first!

Southport FC

It would be sad indeed if Mansfield Town were to be relegated to the Football Conference again and not be able to play Southport because they in turn have been relegated from that league. Based on current form both these depressing possibilities are likely to become realities.

Mansfield Town

Southport seem more likely to save themselves than Mansfield so I may well be going to watch my Team play at Haigh Avenue once again in the 2015/16 season.

Southport FC – Racing to the bottom of the Conference?

Well it seems so as they, like my own team Mansfield Town, are plummeting down the Conference League as Mansfield are likewise plummeting down League 2.

Southport's Haigh Avenue ground

Southport’s Haigh Avenue ground

I am sure that my many friends in Southport who are long-suffering Southport supporters must be wondering when the run of losses will be stemmed.



If things don’t improve Mansfield will be pondering relegation to the Conference, having only just been promoted from it, whilst Southport could at the same time be pondering relegation from the Conference.

Tough times indeed for Sandgrounders and Stags. Both are 18th in their respective leagues this weekend although Southport were playing, and sadly losing, in the FA Trophy.

Mansfield Town score 8 but Southport crash out of FA Cup

The biggest scorers in the FA Cup yesterday were my team Mansfield Town. The BBC has the story.


I must admit that following a run of poor recent results I wondered if the Stags would be an FA Cup upset waiting to happen but after going 1 – 0 down they battered poor old St Albans.

Sadly our local Sefton team Southport came unstuck at Leyton Orient, again the BBC has the story.