Gun Crime on Merseyside – Another sobering revelation

The Liverpool Echo has the story – see link above.

How many times have I posted on this subject? Too many is the answer but it shows what an uphill battle it is to try to get guns off our streets. I get the impression that Merseyside Police must struggle to keep a lid on this menace in our local communities. And that’s not meant to be critical of their efforts more that it is a far bigger problem than they or us would ever have imagined it growing into a few years ago.

Is this not another reminder of how the drugs trade fuels violent crime and how our drug laws are simply not working in the UK? I think this may well be the case and Government needs to radically look at how our failed drugs laws can be changed. What is the point of laws that effectively lead to more crime being committed?

Gun crime in Maghull – Matrix Squad are certainly responding

Anyone travelling around Maghull and district in recent weeks (especially in the evenings) can’t have failed to see signs that the Merseyside Police Matrix Squad have been on the streets stopping vehicles, checking out drivers and searching cars.

I must have seen them stop at least half a dozen vehicles myself and oddly I would say half of them have been Audi models. Is this the current make of choice for those up to no good or is it just a coincidence?

Last night I came home to find Matrix had stopped a Land Rover right outside our Lydiate home so I think I can say that there is little doubt that Merseyside Police have seriously reacted to the unprecedented crime wave of shootings and fire bombings that have bedevilled the normally quiet communities in the East Parishes part of Sefton recently.