Mauretania – Not coming home to Liverpool

Sadly, I have just received this message via e-mail having given a small donation to try to assist Merseyside Maritime Museum in their bid to acquire a shipbuilder’s model of this famous Liverpool Liner at auction.


Mauretania Auction update

Many thanks once again for your recent gift towards our appeal to bring the Mauretania home to Liverpool.

Unfortunately, we were unsuccessful in our bid.

Here is a quote from Janet Dugdale, Director of Merseyside Maritime Museum:

“We are hugely disappointed with today’s outcome. Our intention was to bring the Mauretania home to Liverpool, at a critical time in the city’s maritime history. It is sad that we cannot do this. However, I would like to thank every single person who contributed. The donations raised were fantastic and will be used to improve the Merseyside Maritime Museum and its collections”.

Mauretania – Bringing the ship makers model back to Liverpool?

The Liverpool Echo has the story – see link above


Merseyside Maritime Museum says:- A stunning 3 Metre ship model of the Mauretania is being auctioned on 12 May and we want to buy it and bring it home to Liverpool. We are looking for donations to help us win this at auction.

I have made a donation, can you help too? Just follow the Liverpool Echo story to the end where the donation process is detailed.