As if Maghull’s crime wave was not enough we now have arson attacks in Lydiate and Melling!!


What on earth is going on, shootings in Maghull and now two arson attacks in Lydiate and Melling last night in quiet residential roads.

I have spoken with the family who found their cars on fire outside their Clent Avenue, Lydiate house last night and they are rightly very upset. There is no reason to believe that they are anything but the victims of some kind of random attack. The fire destroyed both cars one of which was close enough to the house to cause damage to that as well.

The second attack was in Melling’s Cunscough Lane, a reasonably isolated group of houses, out in the rural part of Melling. There, I was told by the Policeman guarding the property, that the house was set on fire from the rear .

Maghull was flooded with Police last night and I saw Police stopping a car in Sefton Lane around 6pm and again later in Buckingham Road. However the crime wave that has struck Maghull and its surrounding Parishes seems to be never ending with innocent folk getting caught up in the mayhem of shootings and now arson attacks.

I realise that the Police will be doing all they can but someone has to put a stop to this and quickly!