Maghull/Melling – Ashworth Hospital back in the news

The Liverpool Echo has the story – see link above

Ashworth is not the subject of the amount media attention that it once was in the 1980’s/1990’s but it seems that industrial relations troubles are brewing up again.

If memory serves correctly poor industrial relations were at the heart of many of the Hospital’s troubles in previous times. I recall being contacted by Dave Preece of the POA in my early days as a Maghull councillor because of staff concerns. Back then there was a huge inquiry into the running of the Hospital which I participated in.

Let’s hope the old days are not returning.

Often referred to as being in Maghull the Hospital is in fact almost equally in Maghull & Melling as the Civil Parish boundary effectively cuts right through it.

Merseyside County Council – Gone but certainly not missed

The County of Merseyside and its County Council were created as a consequence of the Conservative’s hugely controversial local government reorganisation of 1974. It took many communities out of Lancashire and into this newly invented beast and it has probably been the most unpopular act associated with local governance of living memory.

Unloved and often hated from the start (I mean the County of Merseyside but you can read into this sentence another connotation!) Margaret Thatcher then killed off or put down Merseyside County Council in the 1980’s.

But on an isolated lane in Melling on the border with West Lancashire, Cunscough Lane to be precise, there sits to this very day a symbol of that once short-lived County Council together with its crest or coat of arms:-

What was once - A short lived County Council

What was once – A short lived County Council

The photo is amongst my Flickr shots at:-

Deadly rural roads

A new report suggests Lincolnshire has the most dangerous roads in the country.

In 2014, 40 people died and 292 were seriously injured on roads in the county. People living in rural communities are the most likely to be “killed or seriously injured” on the roads, according to findings by the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety and Direct Line Car Insurance.

The Daily Telegraph and The Times covered this story recently.

Our recent holiday in Shropshire brought this home to us with all kinds of wild driving going on around its country roads. I was even harried by an elderly lady driver trying to push me along at a dangerous speed! Of course I slowed down as I always do when a driver charges up behind me.

My posting of a few days ago about accidents on the rural roads of Melling refers as well:-

Melling – Accidents on country lanes

A trip to Melling last Saturday, to use their excellent hand car wash, (see earlier posting about our holiday on a farm!) brought home to me the number of accidents on country roads. Within less than a mile I came across this mangled metal fence:-

The former fence now looks more like a modern art installation!

The former fence now looks more like a modern art installation!

and then this worrying sight of a car in a ditch:-

Found in a ditch in Melling r

I stopped to check, but there was no one around or in the car so the accident must have happened maybe on Friday night?

I have no idea what happened in either case but lives will have been at risk and people maybe injured or so it would seem.

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