Southport – Why on earth attack the Sandgrounders?

The Liverpool Echo has the story on its website – see link below

Why on earth attack a football ground? I’ve been to Haig Avenue a few times mostly to see matches between The Sandgrounders and my team The Stags when they were both in the same division. What a friendly place the now renamed Merseyrail Stadium is; so sorry to hear of their troubles.

Southport V Mansfield Town – Jan’ 2013

Southport FC – It’s been a terrible season

Oh dear what a mess, more managers tried than you could imagine, the Chairman has resigned, other directors are going to quit and rock bottom of the National League too.

During the period that my team, Mansfield Town, were in the National League (or whatever it was called at the time) I really enjoyed going to Southport’s Haigh Avenue Ground to watch the two teams play.

My dear friend David Rimmer, who sadly died last year, was a staunch Southport supporter and I have other friends who are fans and even work for the club. They must be despairing at present.

As an opposition supporter I was always made very welcome when I went to a game there and I really do feel for the fans who must be, to use an old football term, gutted.

Southport FC – and the revolving doors turn yet again!

Southport FC

Wow, this just does not stop happening. Southport FC never keep a manager very long at all these days. My September 2016 posting refers – see link above.

And here we go again – a link to the BBC web site dated 30th January:-

Who’s next for another short term job?

And to think at the start of the season, like all teams, Southport were hoping to do well rather than struggle. This drone footage of their Haigh Avenue Stadium is worth a look:-