Gun Crime in Sefton – Bootle really needed this poster – NOT

Just what Bootle needed!!

Just what Bootle needed!!

Driving down Aintree Road in Bootle yesterday and what do I see but two huge posters that could not be more inappropriate in a community with more than its fair share of gun crime!

What do posters like this say about our society when guns are being so overtly promoted. I despair.

More shootings in Sefton and Liverpool

The Liverpool Echo has the story. Is there no end to this utter madness?

For what it is worth and despite trying to raise the profile of this Sefton and Merseyside gun problem I am yet to hear how Merseyside Police and the Police Commissioner are actually going to tackle this menace on our streets.

Merseyside Police Commissioner – This must be a concern

The Liverpool Echo has the story which had been doing the rounds before they made it public.

I met Jane Kennedy at the crisis meeting held in Lydiate a few weeks ago when Maghull was being used for target practice by criminals. She came across as a decent sort but knowing some of the people on the watch dog committee I fear that there could well be a significant issue to address here.

I must say that having asked in public for the Police and the Commissioner to say what they are jointly going to do to tackle gun crime I have heard nothing much in the way of reassurance to date. Sadly shootings in Sefton continue to be a problem.

Shootings in Sefton for example – Is our Police Commissioner making a difference?

Two more shootings in Bootle this week mean that Sefton’s gun crime problem is still sadly very much alive and well but who is doing much/anything decisive about it?

Obviously we look to two major figures on Merseyside to lead the battle against violent crime – The Police Commissioner and the Chief Constable – but what game changing moves are they making?

I can’t really judge what the Chief Constable is doing but I can look at what the Police Commissioner is doing since she was elected 5 months ago. At face value not a huge amount can be the only conclusion as she has seemingly only made 6 decisions since being elected! Just look at my colleague Iain Brodie-Brown’s Birkdale Focus Blog for all the relevant stats about what Police Commissioners across England are doing.

In the East Parishes part of Sefton we had a ‘mad March’ in 2013 when shootings and fire bombings were happening almost daily! Things have calmed down considerably now and yes I did thank our Police Commissioner for attending a public meeting in Lydiate in March when things were at their worst. But what is Jane Kennedy doing to try to make that big difference to gun crime? If we are simply seeing a lull in shootings in say Maghull, because of a significant Police presence, but that shootings continue to be a problem in Bootle, what has been gained?

I think it is time for our Police Commissioner and indeed the Chief Constable to make some game changing decisions and make us all feel a little more confident that the war on guns is being taken to the streets.

Sefton is not America; we hate guns, we don’t measure our social status by how many we have at home.

Sefton Estate Residents Association – Seems I am not the only one calling on Merseyside’s newly elected Police Commissioner to take action against serious/gun crime

A copy of a letter to Merseyside’s newly elected Police Commissioner was handed to me yesterday and a worrying picture it paints of problems, including gun crime, in and around the Sefton Estate in the Netherton part of Sefton Borough.

The letter was written on 3rd January asking for a private meeting with the Commissioner but of course we all know that the nearby shopping centre serving this estate – Marion Square – was the scene of another gun crime after this letter was written.

Drug and gang related activities, knives and guns are sadly becoming a part of our every day culture these days even in what the press term ‘leafy areas’ such as Maghull, where there have been 3 shootings in just one year.

I really do hope that the Merseyside Police and indeed our new Commissioner are going to hit these problems and the causes of them hard, otherwise the appalling nature of the criminal activities detailed in the Sefton Residents Assn. letter will become the norm and they will simply be managed rather than resolved.

We need to see a clear Merseyside Police/Police Commissioner action plan to effectively tackle gang, drug and gun crime in Sefton as a matter of urgency.