More shootings in Sefton and Liverpool

The Liverpool Echo has the story. Is there no end to this utter madness?

For what it is worth and despite trying to raise the profile of this Sefton and Merseyside gun problem I am yet to hear how Merseyside Police and the Police Commissioner are actually going to tackle this menace on our streets.

Shootings in Sefton for example – Is our Police Commissioner making a difference?

Two more shootings in Bootle this week mean that Sefton’s gun crime problem is still sadly very much alive and well but who is doing much/anything decisive about it?

Obviously we look to two major figures on Merseyside to lead the battle against violent crime – The Police Commissioner and the Chief Constable – but what game changing moves are they making?

I can’t really judge what the Chief Constable is doing but I can look at what the Police Commissioner is doing since she was elected 5 months ago. At face value not a huge amount can be the only conclusion as she has seemingly only made 6 decisions since being elected! Just look at my colleague Iain Brodie-Brown’s Birkdale Focus Blog for all the relevant stats about what Police Commissioners across England are doing.

In the East Parishes part of Sefton we had a ‘mad March’ in 2013 when shootings and fire bombings were happening almost daily! Things have calmed down considerably now and yes I did thank our Police Commissioner for attending a public meeting in Lydiate in March when things were at their worst. But what is Jane Kennedy doing to try to make that big difference to gun crime? If we are simply seeing a lull in shootings in say Maghull, because of a significant Police presence, but that shootings continue to be a problem in Bootle, what has been gained?

I think it is time for our Police Commissioner and indeed the Chief Constable to make some game changing decisions and make us all feel a little more confident that the war on guns is being taken to the streets.

Sefton is not America; we hate guns, we don’t measure our social status by how many we have at home.

Gun crime in Maghull – Matrix Squad are certainly responding

Anyone travelling around Maghull and district in recent weeks (especially in the evenings) can’t have failed to see signs that the Merseyside Police Matrix Squad have been on the streets stopping vehicles, checking out drivers and searching cars.

I must have seen them stop at least half a dozen vehicles myself and oddly I would say half of them have been Audi models. Is this the current make of choice for those up to no good or is it just a coincidence?

Last night I came home to find Matrix had stopped a Land Rover right outside our Lydiate home so I think I can say that there is little doubt that Merseyside Police have seriously reacted to the unprecedented crime wave of shootings and fire bombings that have bedevilled the normally quiet communities in the East Parishes part of Sefton recently.

New Police Inspector For Maghull Neighbourhood

I recently received an e-mail from Maghull Neighbourhood Police introducing their new top man. Regular readers of this blog will sadly not be surprised by my response.


I am Inspector Phil Hatton, newly arrived at Maghull Police Station and currently taking over from Mr Booth.

You have all been identified to me as key individuals within the
Maghull/Lydiate/Aintree neighbourhood.

I look forward to working with you all, with the aim of keeping the neighbourhood as free from crime & disorder ( and the fear of crime & disorder) as we possibly can.

I am hoping to meet as many of you as I can in the coming weeks. I am currently familiarising myself with the various aspects of my new role and finalising outstanding matters from my previous one.

Kind regards,

Phil Hatton
Maghull Police Station.

My response and how I wish I had not needed to send it! What a way to have to welcome our new Police Inspector

Thanks for getting in touch Phil,

Nice to hear from you and I hope we meet soon.

I do have a major concern because of the 3 gun discharges in Maghull over the past year and I will be raising my concerns at the Sefton East Parishes Area Committee tonight to follow up my raising gun crime concerns at the last Full Council meeting of Sefton Council.

Having represented Maghull on the Council since 1985 and lived here since 1968 these gun crimes are a big concern.

Best wishes

Cllr. Tony Robertson

Sefton’s Gun crime problems – Raising concerns at an Area Committee but what is being done?

As part of the Lib Dem’s continuing campaign to try to put a stop to gun crime in Sefton we took the fight to the Sefton’s East Parishes Area Committee meeting on 7th February only days after the latest shooting in nearby Netherton (see my 4th February posting). The Maghull Neighbourhood Police Sergeant was present and a couple of hours before the meeting I had also contacted the Neighbourhood’s new Inspector putting down a marker about guns.

Having represented Maghull for 28 years this is a very serious matter to me with 3 shootings in the Town in just the past year. I feel it is vital that councillors make it clear that our communities are simply not prepared to tolerate gun crime in any form.

We realise that our campaign is putting pressure on our hard working Police but if we sit back and do nothing things can only get worse. What we are looking for is clear assurance that Merseyside Police is prioritising gun crime in Sefton and we want to see their and indeed our new Merseyside Police Commissioner’s plans to tackle this community menace.

We await some substantive responses – It’s now two and a half weeks since I raised the matter at Sefton’s last Full Council meeting, there has been another shooting since then (the one in Netherton) but no one from Merseyside Police or indeed the Commissioner’s Office has yet been in touch.