Lydiate – The long haul to try to address sporting deficiencies at Sandy Lane Playing Field

The Clerk of Lydiate Parish Council, her staff and I met with a representative of Liverpool County FA on 11th January to try to move forward the process of identifying how the Parish Council can upgrade facilities at this playing field.

I have mentioned before the poor state of the tennis courts and the need for them to be brought up to the standard of a Multi Use Games Area (MUGA). My previous postings refer and within the one below is a report on the matter from the November ’17 Parish Council meeting:-

The meeting on the 11th was to see whether the Football Foundation, via the local FA, would be willing to support a project that could also see, if the funding can be put in place, the present changing room building fully refurbished and probably extended. The present building is pretty much as built in the 1970’s and with the growth of women’s football and the need for disability access it is hardly suitable for purpose these days.

Sandy Lane Changing Rooms building in March 2016

Coupled with the MUGA plan and a big changing room upgrade the football pitches will probably need some further work doing to them to counter flooding problems.

So this was the huge agenda we discussed to see how things could be moved forward. It’s probably the case that other grant giving bodies such as Sport England and the National Lottery will need to be approached too particularly with regard to funding for the MUGA as this is not something that the Football Foundation will support.

More news when I get it.

Maghull – Come and enjoy the fruits of volunteers labours

The Fruit Meadows next to Meadows Leisure Centre & Library on Maghull’s KGV Park are well er fruiting and residents are welcome to come pick.


This publicly accessible Fruit Meadow was planted by Maghull in Bloom volunteers with help from the National Lottery. There are edible berries and currants of many kinds plus rhubarb, cherries etc.

Just take a look:-





Lady Lever Art Gallery gets a welcome refurbishment


ITV/Granada has the story on its web site – see link above

Now here is a project to celebrate art on Merseyside, not least because Maghull resident Jen Robertson was a part of the project team and can be seen cleaning a rare Wedgwood fireplace in the video.

You can visit the Museum’s web site via the link below:-


Lydiate Nostalgia – Youth Club to Village Centre

Do you remember the old Lydiate Voluntary Youth Club in Lambshear Lane? My old chum Phil Davidson was involved in running it back in the day, if I recall correctly. Also, I seem to recall the old club being brought up on Facebook a while ago. Anyway, a trawl through some old photos by my old mate Andrew Blackburn brought this shot to light:-

Former Lydiate Parish Councilors Tony Fenton and Pat Foster outside the old Lydiate Voluntary Youth Club

Former Lydiate Parish Councilors Tony Fenton and Pat Foster outside the old Lydiate Voluntary Youth Club

Pat Foster left Lydiate a few years ago to live in Wales but Tony F can often been seen around Lydiate and Maghull pushing himself in his wheelchair.

Sadly the old timber building pictured above was burnt down.

The site then remained derelict for quite a number of years as Lydiate Parish Council tied to negotiate with Sefton Council (the land owners) to get Lydiate Village Centre built. Sefton could hardly be said to be positive about the rebuild project at the time and that’s being polite about it!

This is the cleared site before work stared on the Village Centre.

This is the cleared site before work stared on the Village Centre.

Pictured above are former Cllrs. Jim Byrne and Sylvia Mainey. Sadly Sylvia passed away in 2014.

Lydiate Village Centre - Opened in 2010

Lydiate Village Centre – Opened in 2010

The the story came full circle in 2010 when Lydiate Parish Council opened the new community hall with the help of a £500,000 Lottery Grant.