Abolish all planning rules! – Utter madness I say

Planning rules should be abolished

Architect Karl Sharro writes in the Times that with the provision of new homes at historically low levels, we must sweep aside all planning rules and let people build what they want. He explains that the planning system continues to artificially restrict the supply of land available for development, while also making the process of obtaining a planning permission lengthy, complicated and costly. He says the planning system was created for a different era, initially its aim was for the construction of new towns and homes. However, today planning is more concerned with controlling development rather than encouraging it. As well as abolishing planning controls, Mr Sharro suggests that planning departments are transformed to regain their original purpose: creating development rather than stifling it.

Today – The Sunday, News Review, Page: 7

How on earth does this makes sense? Instead of us trying to sensibly control what is built where this ‘plan’ is to seemingly to let anything happen anywhere! We need more control over building on Green Belt and high grade agricultural land not less. Indeed, we need a total ban on building high grade agricultural land if we are to leave any food growing places for future generations.

Labour won’t scrap NPPF

The Labour Party has said it will not reform the Coalition Government’s National Planning Policy Framework rules.

Mm, this certainly makes some big speeches on Sefton Council from Labour members look a little out of touch with their own Party does it not!

Labour have become the party that opposes everything the Coalition Government does but then says it will not change anything! Keeping the economic policies, keeping the planning policies, keeping pretty much everything, or so it seems, except of course for the odd lick of paint over a policy here and there to try to make it look a little different when it’s 99% the same.

Left wing rhetoric with right wing policies, an odd combination indeed.