SoSo Community Choir at Speke Hall

Some very rough weather at Speke Hall yesterday did not put off local community choir SoSo (Sing Our Socks Off) from entertaining visitors with Christmas songs during a very busy day for the National Trust property and this despite bursts of heavy rain. Here’s some shots of the choir:-

The choir has a number of active Lydiate and Maghull members.

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Formby – Residents prisoners in their own homes

A Red Squirrel – What could be more symbolic of Formby

The Liverpool Echo has the story on its web site – see link above

As a rule of thumb I don’t go to Formby or indeed Southport when the sun is cracking the flags, particularly on Bank Holiday weekends, as I know that traffic chaos is all but a certainty.

Don’t get me wrong I love going to these places but, traffic jams and parking problems are not for me. I could tell what was going on in Formby from where the new Brooms Cross Road crosses Brickwall Lane near Sefton Village some miles south of Formby on the Sunday of the Bank Holiday just gone. The traffic was so heavy around 10am that when the lights changed for me to cycle across Brooms Cross Road I had to peddle between traffic stuck across the junction.

But I’m also not at all sure what can be done to stop this traffic and parking chaos happening again in future, except that the drivers caught up in it may well decide not to repeat the day out sat in their cars in traffic jams.

Formby – The Asparagus Town

Formby is famous for asparagus growing this historic agricultural heritage is being celebrated by some interesting sculptures in and around the dunes and woodland.

Here are a couple an interesting wood carvings/sculptures related to the cultivation of asparagus that I have come across whilst walking the lovely dunes of the Sefton coast:-

Digging up the asparagus r

Asparagus Trees

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The National Trust has an Asparagus Trail to walk if you visit their Formby Point site – see link below:-

Asparagus Trail - Formby Pine Woods

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Formby – National Trust Red Squirrel Reserve

Sheila and I had not been to the Red Squirrel Reserve for ages and our recollection was that you rarely saw a red squirrel close to. Well we went and we saw very close to. Here are some shots from our visit on 30th May.

Nuts for tea again

Red Squirrel 1

Red Squirrel 2

Red Squirrel

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