Lydiate – Parish Council’s winter planting at Nedens Lane

The piece of land at the junction of Nedens Lane and Southport Road always looks good and has done ever since Lydiate Parish Council took over the maintenance of it from Sefton Council.

Winter planting of the flower beds in this landscaped area has been completed recently by the Parish Council’s grounds staff who are doing their bit to assist with the recently launched Lydiate in Flower volunteer group who will hopefully be starting work on other flower/environmental projects next spring.

Lydiate – Will a volunteer ‘In Bloom’ type group take off?

Well I would like to think so as it could build on the work of Lydiate Parish Council which created the lovely garden area at Southport Road/Nedens Lane and the grassed/planted area outside St. Gregs Church on Liverpool Road. My previous blog posting about the gardens at Nedens Lane refers at:-

And here’s a shot of the flower beds outside St. Gregs Church:-

Of course Lydiate Parish Council also used to provide beautiful hanging baskets along Southport Road and outside the Coronation Road shops but it stopped them a couple of years ago due to the cost implications. If a way could be found to reinstate them that would be a great.

And now a bit of history. Maghull in Bloom and its award winning volunteer groups used to be called Maghull & Lydiate in Bloom but became Maghull in Bloom due to the vast majority of its volunteers coming from Maghull. That volunteer group together with Maghull Maghull Station Volunteers has been going for 10 years now.

Sheila and I whilst living in Lydiate these days have been volunteering for Maghull in Bloom for two or three years now and we maintain the Lydiate/Maghull boundary planter on Southport Road outside Astor Court flats.

Helen Jones is trying to pull together a Lydiate volunteer group and she can be reached via this e-mail address:-

If you want to get involved please get in touch, Sheila and I have found working with Maghull in Bloom a real treat as you get to meet locals who also care for the local environment and make new friends too.

Lydiate – It’s parks and gardens seem to be appreciated

Lydiate has long had decent quality parks and gardens but at the end of 2015 I saw a couple of pieces of evidence that folks really do appreciate the work that goes into them by the small team of grounds staff that the Parish Council employs. Here are a couple of examples of how locals feel:-

e-mail to Parish Council dated 3rd November – ‘Lydiate Parish Council should be congratulated because of the way it keeps our area clean, tidy and nice to look at. I’m talking particularly of the ares by the bus shelters in Southport Road. I would like to highly commend the staff for their hard work.’ The area referred to here is the garden around the Nedens Lane bus stop.

e-mail to the Parish Council dated 15th November – ‘I would just like to thank you for the fantastic job that is being carried out refurbishing the tennis courts on Sandy lane Playing Field.’


It’s always nice to know when folks appreciate the efforts of the Parish Council and yes I say that as an opposition member of the Council. I don’t think neighbouring Maghull Town Council can be getting many thumbs-up these days based on the complaints I have seen on Facebook about them not cutting the hedges around their parks and litter/rubbish problems in those parks.