Lydiate – A predominately rural parish surrounded by Lancashire

I have commented before about Lydiate being surrounded on 3 sides by Lancashire and the importance of anything being considered for this community taking into account its unique geographical location i.e. it being very much an outpost of Merseyside which is all but still in Lancashire. I raise the matter again because Lydiate Parish Council says that it wants to do a Neighbourhood Plan – my previous posting refers:-

The reason for this posting is to very clearly show the extent of Lydiate’s rural nature – it is in fact at least three quarters rural with just one quarter of its land mass being urban. And it is also to show the interdependence between Lydiate and its neighbouring Parishes of Maghull (to the south and it Merseyside), Aughton (to the east and in West Lancashire), Down Holland (to the north and in West Lancashire) and Great Altcar (to the west and in West Lancashire). I think the map below supplied to Lydiate Parish Councillors by Sefton Council’s Planning Dept. illustrates my points well:-

Parish of Lydiate Map

Click on the map to enlarge it.

Lydiate, possibly more than any other community in Sefton (although Melling also comes to mind), ‘suffers’ from being on the edge of the Sefton/Merseyside empire sitting as it does on a finger of land jutting out well into West Lancs.

My concern is that any plan, be it a Neighbourhood Plan (done for whatever reason) or any other plan for that matter, which does not take into account Lydiate’s unique rural and geographic profile will likely be a failure. Put another way, simply rewriting Maghull or Melling’s Neighbourhood Plan and thinking that the issues are all the same will be letting Lydiate down by ignoring it’s unique nature.

An appalling Maghull Town Council meeting

As an exercise in local democracy Maghull Town Council’s meeting on 2nd July was very far from being a shining example.

Firstly, we had a ‘debate’ over the so called ‘Maghull Development Plan’ of the Council although to call it a debate would be pushing it. When I raised questions the running Labour Group said nothing and left the Town Clerk to answer me!


I asked what the line in the plan saying ‘It is a priority of MTC to expand the amount of land owned and controlled by the people of Maghull’ meant. Did it mean the Council had an eye on land to purchase? The answer was vague but seemed to point towards when new developments go ahead in Maghull [on Green Belt & high grade agricultural land?] the Town Council will look to have some land designated for public use. That sounded to me like the Labour-run Town Council has given up the fight (that it never fought) to protect the Green Belt from development.


And why was there no mention of providing allotments in the Plan? They had been trumpeted from the rooftops not so long ago as a big Labour idea. Again, no response from the Labour members but the Town Clerk told me it was still almost on the table or words to that effect. Well allotments are certainly not in the Development Plan.


We opposition Lib Dems also gave notice that we opposed the Town Council’s Neighbourhood Plan as to us it is nothing more than a smoke screen for building on the Green Belt. This woke Labour up and a robust exchange of views took place with Labour seemingly blaming everyone but themselves for them voting on Sefton Council to build on the Green Belt around Maghull.


Then we moved on to what turned out to be a farcical discussion about whether or not the Town Council was in favour (or not) of a development of 370 houses on the former Moss Side Hospital site. It is now known as Ashworth South site and was to have been a further new prison under Labour. The prison was cancelled by the Coalition Government.

What we expected was the Labour Group to lay out their views one way or the other but would they do that, not a hope. They waffled around the subject talking about ‘social capital’, whatever that may mean, but ended up saying they wanted the Town Clerk to draw up a response based on individual comments made to her by Council members after the meeting. Based on Sefton Borough Labour’s plan to build on massive swathes of Green Belt around Maghull & Lydiate (and elsewhere in the Borough of Sefton) I could not get my head around why they were so unwilling to say yes or no on this particular site. Local environmental campaigners have already said that they think it is a sensible site to develop. Those same campaigners feel this site is especially the case as this proposed development will help bring forward money to build a second railway station for the Town which Labour had very recently said they supported!

Labour has certainly got cold feet over the site now but why was not explained and no sensible decision was was made by the Council at all.


Then we came to the ultimate in how local democracy should not be practiced and all over a debate about revising the Council’s Standing Orders! Before us were some proposed changes to the Standing Orders from the Labour Council and frankly there were 3 changes we Lib Dems were not at all happy about.


A Labour member jumped in first over one of the proposed changes and said just what we were going to say, so the change was agreed by an amendment unanimously. I would add that what was before us, in the original draft, was quite appalling in that it said (or the effect of what it said) was that only the person who pays the Council Tax bill in a Maghull household could ask a question of the Council. What about those residents who live in properties across the Town but whose name is not on the Council tax bill? It would have gagged them, but thankfully Labour backed down.


We then moved on to an amendment about petitions being presented to the Council or at least that is what we Lib Dems thought we were doing. I spoke to the change we wanted to make because the draft in front of us unbelievably said that petitions could only, in future, be about matters for which the Town Council has responsibility. The words ‘or which affects the township’ were to be removed. This meant that Maghull residents could no longer bring a petition to the Council about a community matter.


At first Labour started to respond to me but then the Town Clerk jumped in and said that I could not move my amendment because when we dealt with the previous one we had also approved all the amendments before us! We knew this was not the case and my colleague Andrew Blackburn explained why it was not the case but Labour said the Clerk was right and that the matter was closed. Some angry exchanges then took place as we were livid at not having the matters before us properly debated and voted on.


So there you have it. A phrase used recently to describe some appalling guidance from the National Association of Local Councils (NALC) was that it was akin to North Korean guidance. I think that suitably rounds up how we Lib Dems felt when we left that terrible Council meeting. It was nothing for the Council to be proud of at all and it makes you wonder or possibly understand why to date 8 Labour councillors have resigned from the Council since Labour snatched control of it in May 2011.

And my views about all this:-

• Maghull Council is in the firm grip of Bootle Labour Party.
• This must be the first time in 110 years of there being a Maghull Council that it has said it will not receive petitions about matters to do with the Town other than for what the Council directly controls. This surely must be unheard of across the Parish/Town Councils across England.
• Allotments have been all but dropped but no one was going to say so.
• The Green Belt around Maghull will not be saved by Labour.
• Labour has no idea what they think about the Ashworth South site or at least if they have they will not tell anyone.

Appalling, utterly appalling, but they keep getting away with it.

Maghull Town Council – Covering Labour’s tracks by smoke, mirrors and a Neighbourhood Plan

A letter in the Aintree & Maghull Champion recently having a pop at the Lib Dems because we opposed the funding of a Neighbourhood Plan for Maghull, from Cllr. McKinley the Labour leader of Maghull Council, could not go without a response.

These voluntary plans can cost a huge amount of public money; some have cost over £70,000. We opposed the idea because of such potential costs and the fact that the Labour-run Council has still to say why they want to do a Neighbourhood Plan.

It is of course Labour politicians who are proposing to build hundreds and hundreds of houses on prime agricultural land and Green Belt around Maghull & Lydiate (and elsewhere across the Borough). They are doing that via the Sefton Local Plan.

Our suspicion is that this Neighbourhood Plan lark is an attempt to cover their tracks and to waste more scarce public money in the process. So far they have put £10,000 down to start a Maghull Neighbourhood Plan. We opposed this and proposed, at the Town Council’s budget meeting, that the money would be far more wisely spent supporting the Maghull in Bloom volunteers and Maghull’s Youth Coffee Bar.

Cutting grants to Volunteers to fund a Neighbourhood Plan vanity project appalls us.

Maghull Town Council Budget meeting 22nd January – We don’t need a Neighbourhood Plan but we do need Maghull in Bloom and youth facilities.


With reserves of £400,000 this Labour-run Council had room to pledge a £5,000 support grant to Maghull’s ‘In Bloom’ volunteers and to back a small financial package to secure the Town’s unique Youth Coffee Bar but it stubbornly refused to do either.

We Lib Dems have always seen youth facilities as being vital that’s why we set up Maghull’s unique Youth Coffee Bar in Maghull Town Hall when we ran the Council. Labour’s shutting of the facility for a number of weeks last December was appalling but they are simply not investing in our young people. Labour has stopped the yearly grant to Maghull & District Youth Council and chopped out the Town Council’s Youth Projects fund. To counter this we Lib Dem proposed that £5,000 was put aside to help run the Youth Coffee Bar when volunteers are unavailable to run it.

On the environmental front Maghull folk are delighted with the floral displays in the Town’s shopping centre, at Deyes Lane shops and at Treeview Court. But the volunteers, who put on the prize winning displays in partnership with the local business community and the Town Council, can’t produce the displays from nothing so Maghull Council has long been a significant financial supporter of the ‘In Bloom’ Volunteers. But, under Labour the Council’s support has been slipping with no guarantee to the volunteers over the certainty of the Council’s support in the future. The Lib Dem view is that this is simply not on so we proposed that the Council return to supporting Maghull in Bloom to the tune of £5,000 per year. Labour sadly voted the grant down.

However, Labour’s major objective is an odd thing – a Neighbourhood Plan that it is planning to spend £10,000 on in the coming year and probably a significant amount more in future as these plans can cost £70,000+! Why they want to do one no one knows because they will not say despite being asked to do so by the Lib Dems.

A Neighbourhood Plan is a smaller version of a Local Plan, of which Sefton Council is presently putting one together for the whole Borough. Of course, Sefton’s Local Plan is hugely controversial because Labour-run Sefton wants to build on Green Belt and high grade agricultural land, especially around Maghull!

But Maghull Town Council is Labour run too so why can’t they simply add whatever the matters are that are buzzing around in their bonnets straight into the Sefton Local Plan? They could do that for free instead of spending goodness knows how much Council tax payers money doing a separate Neighbourhood Plan for Maghull.

Our concern is that Labour may have an agenda to build even more houses in Maghull because a Neighbourhood Plan is not allowed to include anything that disagrees with the Borough’s Local Plan; so they could build more houses via a Neighbourhood Plan but they could not build less. I think it is about time Labour came clean on their secret Neighbourhood Plan objectives for Maghull because Labour Maghull Town Councillor and Sefton Leader Cllr. Peter Dowd has already signed up publicly to Ed Miliband’s doubling of the present house building targets.