Maghull – Count down to new station opening on 18th June

With just 28 days to go before the planned opening of Maghull’s 2nd railway station (Maghull North) there still seems to be much to do. These two photos were taken on 20th May:-

The top photo shows the station building and the bottom one the present state of the car park.

It is now pretty obvious that the station could never have been ready for the original 20th May opening date and I think it fair to say that most folk thought that date was just a little too optimistic anyway. We were told that the delay was due to signalling issues but clearly the station itself was far from complete on 20th, the day the new timetable changes were made nationally.

So the big question now is will the revised date of 18th June be met? We all hope so but I don’t think it will be any great surprise if it is not. Ainsdale station, also on the Merseyrail’s Northern Line, is presently being rebuilt and it was due to be completed by March 2018 so I’m told; work is still ongoing there and far from complete.

Maghull – Latest photos of Maghull North Station

Two photos taken today of the present state of works on Maghull’s brand new railway station which is due to open on Monday 18th June.

It was clearly never going to be ready for the original optimistic opening date in May but things seem to progressing well.

The lead photo is also amongst my Flickr shots at:-

Maghull North – Latest photos of new railway station

The above shots were taken on 1st May. The middle shot is of the station building and the last one is of the car park taking shape alongside the Poppy Fields housing development.

All on schedule for opening on 18th June I understand but on Sunday 17 June there will be no Merseyrail services north of the present Maghull Station, as the commissioning of the new Station is taking place.

Click on the photos to enlarge them

The new Maghull North Station is to blame

The Liverpool Echo has the story on its web site – see link above

News from the Echo (in a dramatic way?) about the consequences (on the Northern Line timetable) of the new Maghull North Station opening and also the consequences of Liverpool Lime Street being partly shut down again for further upgrade works.

Japanese Knotweed, Foxhouse Lane Maghull and Charles Walker

The Daily Telegraph has the article on its web site – see link above

My dear friend Cllr. Charles Walker, who died in January 2017, devoted quite a bit of energy into trying to push Railtrack/Network Rail to kill off an infestation of Japanese Knotweed in Maghull’s Foxhouse Lane. It seemed to be a tough task which needed deep invasive treatment of the ground on a yearly basis and he had to keep on at them to do the work.

I guess from what we now read, getting rid of Knotweed is all but impossible?

Maghull – That odd and incorrect railway emergency sign on School Lane bridge

I blogged about the error on this emergency notice quite recently and having spotted the problem reported it to Network Rail. My previous posting refers – see link below:-

I have just had the following response from Network Rail who are going to replace the sign, well within the next 16 weeks they are anyway.

Incorrect Sign – Maghull

Thank you for contacting us in regards to the above matter.

We have been in contact with the structures team for your area and they have advised that a 16 week remit has been issued to have the signage changed to the correct information.