Maghull – Volunteers make Station look special but have you seen the weeds on the line?

A walk across the level crossing at Maghull Station recently brought this into sight:-

Network Rail have weed spraying trains that travel the rails of the UK dealing with the unwanted growth between and at the side of the rails and it looks like the Liverpool – Ormskirk Northern Line of Merseytrail must be due a visit.

Beautiful award winning flower displays at Maghull Station by Maghull Station Volunteers.

Considering the work Maghull Station Volunteers do to make Maghull an award winning station a little weed spraying by Network Rail would not go amiss me thinks.

The first photo is also amongst my Flickr shots at:-

Liverpool to Euston in 7 Minutes by Train! Well not really but….

Liverpool Lime Street Station at night.

The Liverpool Echo has the story and more importantly the high speed video on its web site – see link above.

Maybe its because I love trains but the video is quite mesmerizing.

A Virgin Trains Pendolino train at Liverpool Lime Street Station.

Formby – More on those tragedies that have happened where Fisherman’s Path crosses the Liverpool – Southport railway line.

I was recently able to pick up on what is going on or indeed not going on with regard to this notorious railway level crossing point where there have been a number of fatalities in recent times.

Readers of this blog site and Sefton/Merseyside based newspapers will know that the fatal accidents have received a lot of publicity but must also be wondering why little is seemingly happening to make this crossing point safer?

The ball seems to be firmly in Network Rail’s court and my understanding is that their preference is to close the Fisherman’s Path crossing point altogether. Yes they did come up with a pedestrian bridge solution a while back, which was rejected by Sefton Council on the basis that it did not adequately address the legitimate need for people to be able to cross the railway at this point on what is after all a public right of way.

There are clearly other solutions available to Network Rail such as automatic locking gates triggered by approaching trains, warning lights, a disability accessible bridge etc. However, from Sefton Council’s perspective, Network Rail have yet to put a solution on the table which addresses all issues at this crossing point.

From what I hear Sefton Council are not holding the job up but are simply saying to Network Rail, no you can’t have it closed altogether – come up with a sustainable safe solution that keeps the public right of way open. Trouble is fatal accidents keep on happening so we could do with Network Rail getting on with it without further delay.

Sadly this crossing is one that has seen suicide attempts.

Formby – Just how many more deaths will there be at Fisherman’s Crossing?

The Liverpool Echo has the story – see link above

Yet another tragedy has taken place where Fisherman’s Path crosses the Liverpool Southport railway line at Formby.

Surely these deaths must mean that Network Rail and Sefton Council have to agree a safe solution soon otherwise it’s odds on that another death is likely to follow all the others to date.

Port of Liverpool – The two road only options on the table

The Liverpool Echo has the story – see link above

This is a matter which I have been blogging about for a long time now and I still feel angry about it.

A classic cart before the horse situation if ever I saw one. The new Liverpool 2 River Berth catering for massive Post Panamax container ships is planned, constructed and completed before any serious thought is given as to how the increased freight is going to get to and from it. You really could not make this up as a planning absurdity but that’s pretty much what has happened.

Liverpool 2's massive new container cranes

Liverpool 2’s massive new container cranes

The A5036 route that links the Port of Liverpool at Seaforth with the motorway network at Switch Island is presently the only/major corridor for freight moving to and from the Port. It’s congested, at busy times the capacity is insufficient to cope with the traffic wanting to use it and there are already big concerns about air pollution from the diesel powered HGV’s that thunder up and down it. What’s more the A5036 is hemmed in by residential areas along significant parts of it.

As I have said before there are two options on the table from Highways England, either increase the capacity of the A5036 or build a new road right down the middle of Rimrose Valley Country Park! As if either option is credible and the plans seem to pit residents who live around the A5036 against residents who live either side of the Rimrose Valley.

And what has Sefton Council been doing? And where’s on earth is Network Rail? Between the two of them the best you can say is hiding behind the sofa!

Why has making new rail connections with the port seemingly been forgotten? Where’s the community leadership from Sefton Council?

This is indeed a dogs breakfast of a mess and the people left to pick up the pieces (and the air pollution) are the residents living in Netherton, Litherland, Crosby and Seaforth.

The present consultation on a road only solution needs to be brought to an end and only reconsidered when every possible rail freight possibility has been put in place.

Launch of SCAR to fight road building plans to access Port of Liverpool

The Sefton Communities Against Roadbuilding (SCAR) Campaign

I mentioned the impending launch of this new web site and organisation not so long ago and here it is – see link above.

There are numerous postings on this blog site about the consequences of the building of the new (Post Panamax)Liverpool 2 Dock. The most recent is available via the link below:-

This is probably the greatest environmental challenge facing the Borough of Sefton right now. As I have said many times before the cart has been constructed before anyone knew where a horse could be found to pull it. In this case the new dock has been built but the transport infrastructure to support it is only being considered now!

Sefton Council has buried its head hoping no one will notice that they should have been leading the public debate. Labour have jumped on a lets build a tunnel band wagon knowing that such a solution is not even on the drawing board of Highways England. But that’s a smoke screen to make it look to the casual observer as though they are doing something, at least that’s what Labour seems to be hoping.

This new residents only group (and that’s interesting in itself i.e. no Bootle councillors) is the voice of communities in Netherton and Litherland who are sick of being ignored. I wish them luck.