BBC, Farage and Berlin – Dark days indeed as the UK turns its back on those who have nothing

I was utterly disgusted to hear the comments of Farage, the new darling of the BBC, today. To try to make political capital on the back of the appalling Berlin terrorist attack is bad enough but to attempt to pin the blame for the attack on Merkel was utterly shameful.

I may not share Merkel’s general political views but she was brave enough and had enough human compassion to take the lead in helping refugees from the middle east. Compare that with the UK government all but turning its back on fellow human beings.

Goodness me what is happening in the UK these days when our political leaders help create and sustain wars in the middle east whilst sitting back and doing so little to assist with the human suffering that is a direct consequence?

And what on earth is going on within the BBC when they give huge profile day in day out to a man like Farage? He’s not even an MP yet his every utterance is treated as though he speaks for the UK. I have long been a supporter of the BBC but after its appalling coverage of the EU Referendum and now its love in with man who in my view stands firmly against traditional British values of tolerance, helping our fellow man and woman in distress and common decency I have to say I have had it with the BBC.

These are dark days indeed. Days when our elected leaders are weak and driven by the opinions of an out of control right wing press. Days when we as an country care little for those with nothing and when we allow our government to run the NHS into the ground. Days when our government deliberately under-funds care for the elderly whilst throwing huge amounts of money on weapons of war.

And you know this dangerous malaise is not just festering within our fascist leaning government and its UKIPian wing. It’s got a home within other political parties as well all be it often couched in less obviously strident language, but sadly it is there.

I really do fear where the path that we are daily treading is taking us.

Come on Brexiters – What’s your plan?

Well Brexiters you didn’t have a plan before you won and there’s little sign of one being put on the table for us all to scrutinise now you have won.

You may, in your view, have ‘got your country back’ but what on earth does that mean other than it being an emotional political slogan?

Your leaders (Johnson, Gove and Farage etc.) told big fibs during the referendum campaign, not least the one about extra funding for the NHS which they dropped like a stone as soon as the polls closed. Take a look at this on the BBC web site via the link below:-

Or this so telling photo


Bo Jo also says the UK will continue to ‘intensify co-operation with the EU’ following the country’s vote to leave. What on earth does that mean? Certainly it is not what his Brexit troops will have wanted to hear!

But what was said by the Brexit leaders before the vote that really was meant?

Below is my posting from before the referendum (17th May) and can any Brexiter hand on heart say they are in any way able to answer the concerns I raised back then?

And when I continue to raise such concerns Brexiters say ‘get over it’, ‘what’s done is done’, ‘the people have spoken’ etc. as though they think that it is all over with now and it’s for someone else to sort out where to next. All ‘the people’ have said is what they don’t want; this is very far from being over – it could go on for 10 years!

So am I really being unreasonable to challenge those who voted to leave the EU to tell us all where on earth we are now going? Come on surely very Brexiter must have thought about it – you did didn’t you?

You have created a new political movement with a collection of rather right wing politicians at its head so what were you thinking the future would be when you created it? For goodness sake just spit it out, I might not like it and I may well campaign against your Brexit vision but to get anywhere we need to know where ‘there’ actually is.

Hillsborough and the Sun newspaper – It would be hard to make this up – What on earth did our political leaders think they were doing?


Here is the sad, sad story as carried by the BBC.

Words fail me, they really do


What Ed Miliband has to say about UKIP

This amusing youtube video sums up Labour’s ‘what do we do or say about UKIP’ dilemma. Ed is seemingly afraid to debate with UKIP, he is worried that working class Labour voters will defect to UKIP and is unwilling to challenge this deeply illiberal Party – UKIP I mean in case you were wondering!.

Nick Clegg takes a lot of stick from the right wing press, because he often stops right wing Tories doing mad things in Parliament, but he was the only political leader willing to take on UKIP and he deserves credit for doing what Cameron and Miliband were not prepared to do. Considering that both Cameron and Miliband claim to be in favour of Europe their lack of guts, in ducking an encounter with UKIP, does them little credit.