The Strange Death of David Kelly

I have finally got around to reading Norman Baker’s book and must say I found it fascinating.

Published in 2007 by Methuen Publishing Ltd

Published in 2007 by Methuen Publishing Ltd

Norman clearly has an analytical mind that is unburdened by prejudices as he systematically looks at all the possible answers to a death that I think it is fair to say no one who looks at the matter other than superficially can say was suicide.

The odd media reports at the time had already led me to conclude it was not suicide and that by implication David Kelly had been murdered. Norman’s rather good book, which I can’t understand why I had not read before, simply confirms that.

So yes, David Kelly was murdered we just don’t know for sure who did it. But what we do know is that the powers that be have covered the circumstances of his death up.

What a loss to the constituency of Lewes and indeed to the House of Commons when Norman lost his seat in 2015. Many folk would queue up to have an MP like him.

Norman Baker MP – Great to see a Minister tackling “mindless rhetoric” on drugs

The BBC has the story – see link Above.


Great to see Norman Baker raising this important issue. Outside of the Tory press many, many people are of the view (including me) that the UK’s present policies on drugs are simply not working, never have done and never will do. Norman Baker is a highly respected commentator on many things but his views on this matter really do hit the spot. Nice to see a Lib Dem Minister making the Tories and indeed Labour squirm as their ridiculous attitude to drugs, which is little more than ‘let’s ramp up the punishments’ simply does not work.