The Strange Death of David Kelly

I have finally got around to reading Norman Baker’s book and must say I found it fascinating.

Published in 2007 by Methuen Publishing Ltd

Published in 2007 by Methuen Publishing Ltd

Norman clearly has an analytical mind that is unburdened by prejudices as he systematically looks at all the possible answers to a death that I think it is fair to say no one who looks at the matter other than superficially can say was suicide.

The odd media reports at the time had already led me to conclude it was not suicide and that by implication David Kelly had been murdered. Norman’s rather good book, which I can’t understand why I had not read before, simply confirms that.

So yes, David Kelly was murdered we just don’t know for sure who did it. But what we do know is that the powers that be have covered the circumstances of his death up.

What a loss to the constituency of Lewes and indeed to the House of Commons when Norman lost his seat in 2015. Many folk would queue up to have an MP like him.

Norman Baker – My kind of radical politician

I have just finished reading ‘Against the Grain’ by former Lib Dem MP and Government Minister in the Coalition Government Norman Baker.


It’s an excellent read, no matter what your political views may be, even though Norman is probably a little too left wing for Tories and indeed the majority of Labour supporters.

Norman clearly is independent of mind and action as well as having strong radical, liberal and environmental convictions. He is the very kind of MP I would want for my own Member of Parliament. Indeed, there is a strong argument to say that all MP’s should be in the Norman Baker mold.

The fact that Peter Oborne, an associate editor of the Spectator, said this of Norman’s book sums it up well:-

‘This is a great book by a remarkable man. It should be read by everyone who cares about British public life. It tells of an extraordinary political journey as Norman Baker confronted the British establishment at its most corrupt.’

I can’t wait to read his previous book about ‘The Strange Death of Dr. David Kelly’.

Hillsborough campaigners – ‘confronted the British establishment at its most corrupt’

The quote above was not actually made about the Hillsborough campaigners but I thought it was most apt when I came across it only this week when reading ‘Against the Grain’ by Norman Baker.

The quote comes from Peter Oborne of The Spectator who reviewed the book but, as I say, I read it just as the the Inquest Jury was announcing the historic verdicts. I suppose it was just a coincidence of circumstances that I happened to pick up the book at the same time but none the less I feel that it sums up what the Hillsborough campaigners have been doing.

Their 27 years of fighting for justice, which of course is ongoing, has been quite remarkable especially as the ruling political establishment over the years had seemingly wanted the whole thing brushed under the carpet.

A quite remarkable group of campaigners.