Re-booting capitalism – RADIX – Norman Lamb

The article is on the RADIX website – see link below

I’m indebted to Southport Cllr. Iain Brodie Browne for the lead to this posting and what a breath of fresh air Norman Lamb is on this knotty subject.

I’ve commented before on how much I admire Norman’s thinking (with the rather glaring exception of Brexit of course) and as usual he hits the right notes, which makes me even more befuddled about how he lost his way over Brexit I might add.

Go on have a read, see what we radical Social Liberals actually believe in……

2019 in 12 postings – And what a sad year for progressives

2019 must go down in politics as a really sad year for anyone who describes themselves as a progressive. That the UK has become more isolationist and racist is regretfully a given but for me as a passionate internationalist our frankly bizarre decision to become at best semi-detached from our European neighbours both economically and politically is profoundly depressing. I’m reminded of the play ‘Brick up the Mersey Tunnel’ as 2019 could easily be the start of us, at least in the abstract, bricking up the Channel Tunnel.

Anyway here’s my year; some big issues, some matters close to my heart and some personal reflections:-

January – Elected Mayors – too many and too costly

February – Why we have a housing crisis on our hands

March – HS2 the Brexit of the railway world

April – Rotten

As an aside I still remember a remark made to me on the day that I became Leader of Sefton Council in 2004. It was in the form of a question to me along the lines of ‘what’s the most important thing for the Leader of Sefton Council to do? Answer – Keep the Council out of the ‘Rotten Boroughs’ page of Private Eye!

Michael Portillo with Frank Hornby Trust Chairman Les French as seen on TV.

May – Time to celebrate in 2020 – 100 years of Hornby ‘O’ Gauge trains

June – Still getting the local housing market wrong!

I realise that the link within the article no longer works

July – Co-option is not democratic, just stop it

August – Air conditioning in shops and cafes an environmental disaster

September – A look back at New Heartlands in Bootle

October – The late great Isaac Hayes with Donald Byrd

Norman Lamb

November – Norman

December – Tactical voting (by progressives) did not work

So that, for me, was 2019 – a year when housing policy/practice remained far removed from the reality of our housing crisis, when the very real crisis of climate change took a back seat to the made up crisis of Brexit and when the crisis within progressive politics was exposed as much by our warped electoral system as by the lack of leadership from progressives. A year to forget unless of course you back the politics of the right and far right…….

Norman Lamb – The MP who gives voice to mental health issues

Norman Lamb MP is well known these days for his tireless work in trying to ensure that mental health services are at least on a par with physical health services in the NHS.

But Norman has wider health related interests too. He serves as the Lib Dem Health Spokesperson and as a chair of the Science and Technology Select Committee in Westminster.

Last Wednesday Norman was in Liverpool for a tour around the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine as part of his overall health portfolio.

After his tour he met some local people with an interest in his campaigning and Maghull’s Jen Robertson was amongst those present:-

Mental Health – This brave young woman is making positive strides

The BBC has England Cricketer Sarah Taylor’s story on its web site see link above

Suffering from a mental health issue when you are in the public eye must be really tough so I have great admiration for those sportspeople who fight their way through it and have the courage to speak out because that helps others cope too.

MP’s like Norman Lamb are championing mental health and there seems to be cross-party backing to make it an NHS priority. Lets hope those enlightened MP’s succeed in their quest in the next Parliament.

Tim is our new Leader

Congratulations to Tim Farron following his election as the new Leader of the Liberal Democrats.


I voted for Tim and consider him to be an excellent choice to lead the Lib Dems. The great thing is that had Norman Lamb won he too would have been a great Leader. We really did have two excellent candidates to chose from.

Well done Tim, you are now the voice of Liberalism and for the oppressed. Go and give those Tories and Red Tories hell!

Farron V Lamb for Lib Dem Leadership – Tim has the edge for me

Jen Robertson, Andrew Blackburn and I went to Manchester this afternoon to take part one of the hustings events as Tim Farron and Norman Lamb battle it out to win member’s votes in the race to become the new Lib Dem Leader.

Leaders Hustings 20 06 15 - Manchester r

It was a good meeting and both candidates made excellent Liberal speeches and answered many questions.

Norman lamb & Tim Farron 20 06 2015 - Manchester Hustings r

I must admit to attending with my mind already made up as a Tim Farron supporter but must admit that Norman Lamb was also impressive. Tim still has the edge for me though as he has real fire in his belly for winning hearts and minds to the Liberal cause. But if Norman wins I will be quite happy to march to the sound of gunfire behind him as well.