Merseyside Ambulances – late due to satnav issues?

The Liverpool Echo has the story – see link above

This reminded me of issues surrounding ambulance response times in Lydiate and Maghull from August 2014 – see links below:-

I can’t say that I got fulsome response to the concerns I submitted to the Ambulance Trust in the summer of 2014, indeed I think I only got one response, so what lessons were learned from these incidents I don’t know. However, since then I have not had further complaints pushed my way so that may indicate that things have improved?

Whatever the case the latest Echo story is somewhat worrying though as all of us who use satnavs know they are limited in their accuracy.

Another N W Ambulance Serice response time concern

I have just had a call about another long delay in an ambulance getting to an ill patient in Lydiate recently which led to the family taking an elderly lady, who was very poorly indeed, into hospital themselves in a car.

I have asked for more detail of this case to be sent to me. This is now 3 cases over the past few days that have been brought to my attention.

Worrying indeed.

Ambulance delay – Maghull

Following my posting of yesterday about an significant ambulance delay arriving at a house in Lydiate I have been contacted about a similar situation at a house in Maghull. I have taken this second concern up with the North West Ambulance Service as well as the first one.

To give some context to these cases they both seem to involve delays of around 2 hours which is very worrying indeed!

Delayed Ambulance – Lydiate

I am presently trying to get to the bottom of why an ambulance which was called to a property in Lydiate on 9th August was very significantly delayed.

The family of the patient has asked me to look into the matter and I have taken it up with the North West Ambulance Service.

If any other Sefton Borough resident has experienced a problem with the North West Ambulance Service’s response time recently please e-mail me with the details as this will help me understand whether this was a one off problem or part of a wider concern.

My e-mail address is

Closure of Lydiate Ambulance Station – Lib Dem Councillors demand that NW Ambulance Service look at all the options

Following a meeting on Tuesday 10th June between Sefton Council’s Overview and Scrutiny Committee and representatives of NW Ambulance Service Maghull and Lydiate’s 3 Lib Dem Borough Councillors Tony Robertson, Bruce Hubbard and Andrew Blackburn say they are very unhappy with the lack of detailed information provided at the meeting.

We asked NW Ambulance Service a number of searching questions such as:-

Did you look at sharing space at Maghull Police Station instead of simply telling us you are moving to the Fire Station at Netherton?

Why has NW Ambulance Service not even considered basing a local ambulance here?

Why has NW Ambulance Service not even considered basing a local ambulance here?

Where is the detail of your financial case for closing Lydiate Ambulance Station and moving to Netherton?

What are your anticipated response time calculations following the proposed move away from Maghull and Lydiate?

Bearing in mind that Lydiate is surounded on 3 sides by Lancashire surely you should be considering how your service will interact with West Lancashire based ambulances before making any far reaching decisions?

Sadly we did not get detailed resonses and with regard to examining other options to place the ambulance station locally we were told that Maghull Police Station had not even been considered! This is staggering as surely all options must be considered before decisions are made.

We expected to hear a well polished case which tried to justify the plan to close our local ambulance station but that did not happen and we left the meeting with even greater concerns than before we went to it.