Maghull – The narrowest cyclepath/footway you can imagine – A59 – Northway

Cycling or indeed walking around Switch Island to go to say Aintree Village or ASDA from Maghull is a bit of a performance because you have to go around the island in an anti-clockwise direction and out of your way.

This huge vehicle junction where 3 dual carriageways, 1 single carriageway road and 2 motorways join has evolved over time rather than been planned or so it seems. It’s far from being pedestrian or cyclist friendly, indeed its a dangerous place altogether as the numerous weekly vehicle accidents prove. Highways England are you listening?

However, if you know your way around it you can just about survive walking, cycling or driving but one odd quirk of the planning of the pedestrian/cycling route is on the A59/Northway as you leave Maghull heading for Switch Island.

A cycle/pedestrian crossing was installed over both separate carriageways of the A59 some years back so that you are taken to a path alongside the northbound traffic flow. Trouble is this path is very narrow, yet it is supposed to be for pedestrians and cyclists. It is not possible for one cyclist and one pedestrian to pass each other without one standing aside.

I have raised this matter with Sefton Council and have noted that in recent weeks all kinds of spray painted makings have been placed along the path which seem to indicate that some work is going to take place. Not sure what the work is but I hope this completely inadequate path is going to be widened.

Here’s a shot of the crossing and a view towards Switch Island. The path in question runs alongside the northbound carriageway where you can see the dog walker. The narrowness of the path can also be seen:-

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Maghull – Young men with a death wish?

I was driving past the Coach and Horses Pub yesterday evening on the busy 30 mph Liverpool Road North and was astounded to see a group of young lads, probably 13/14 year olds, riding bikes in the road all over both carriageways, doing wheelies and generally weaving between some rather shocked drivers of cars and other vehicles.

But even more astounding and highly dangerous activities were taking place on the dangerous 40 mph A59 Northway near Maghull Town Hall at 9.30pm when I went out again. Again it was a group of around 4 young men on cycles all of whom were riding up this duel carriageway road abreast and yes you’ve guessed it doing wheelies amongst the fast traffic. I say again as I assume it was the same group of young men.

How some of them did not end up under a vehicle I don’t know and I am sure their parents would be horrified to know their young men were involved.

Young men with a reckless death wish that may just come true if they try such stunts again. If you are a Maghull parent of a 13/14 year old lad with a bike you may want to have a word with them before the Police knock at your door to say they have been run over.