Southport – An open top bus tour

Well it was an open top bus tour and it was on a vintage Southport Corporation bus, but the tour was actually around St. Helens rather than Sunny Southport.

A visit to an open day at the North West Museum of Road Transport (see previous posting) in St. Helens on 6th May brought about my open top bus tour. It was great that they had got out a vintage Southport Corporation bus to do honours, not least because the sun was cracking the flags in St. Helens just as it was in Sunny Southport that day.

The colour scheme of the former Southport Corporation (red and cream) was just made to make their buses stand out. So sad that our local seaside Town has lost all its colourful buses.

North West Museum of Road Transport – St. Helens

8 buses and a milk float

No I had not heard of it either until quite recently but when an advert popped up on social media for an open day Lydiate photographer Keith Page and I decided to go and have a look.

A visiting Austin 8

It’s quite a big museum and on the day we went there was also a one-off display of visiting vintage cars and a large model railway too. But the regular collection of vintage buses, fire engines, trucks, cycles, cars etc. is quite extensive in its self.

Why are all fire engines called Dennis?

There’s restoration work being undertaken on some items, just look at the beautiful coachwork of this bus:-

The Museum is well worth visiting – here;’s a link to their web site:-

Note:- I’m doing a separate blog posting about an open top bus tour the Museum organised on the day we visited using a Southport Corporation vintage bus

The lead photo is also amongst my Flickr shots at:-