‘Hope JC has taken note , no taxes coming in, equals no spending !!!!!’


MSN News has the story on its web site – see link above

Yet another indicator that the UK is on the slide and it’s all pretty much because of Brexit but will Teresa May and Jeremy Corbyn take any notice at all?

And my big question to the disciples of JC is this – How will JC be able to implement his spending pledges when there’s no money in the pot because of much lower tax receipts?

As Roy Connell says ‘Hope JC has taken note , no taxes coming in, equals no spending !!!!!’

Left & Right Unite to put skids under May’s Government



The links above take you to the the left leaning Guardian and the right wing Telegraph newspaper web sites.

Whilst the stories in themselves are not linked they both illustrate the precarious nature of Teresa May’s weak and wobbly government and the threat that we all face from a hard Brexit (supported by opposition Labour as well of course) and that huge deficit that the UK is carrying around on its back.

Add into that the inevitability of another recession within the next 5 years and frankly it could depress the most optimistic of us.

Going for Brexit in financially good times would be a huge challenge but going down that route in the mess that the UK’s finances are presently in is surely complete madness.

My thanks to Roy Connell & Keith Page for the leads to this posting