Liverpool’s Lime Street Station Closure brings Sunday trains to Ormskirk – Preston Line for 3 Sundays

Ormskirk’s Station where Merseyrail and Norther trains meet

Whilst as I wrote this posting the final confirmation was still yet to appear on Network Rail’s online timetables my reliable information is that on Sundays 1st, 8th & 22nd of October the Ormskirk – Preston railway line will see trains operating.

The plan, I am told, is to operate six round trips between Preston and Ormskirk to the timetable below, including calls at all stations (Burscough Junction, Rufford & Croston) in both directions.

It’s possible that this timetable may change slightly. I also understand that there will be a replacement bus service for the Merseyrail service between Ormskirk and Liverpool on October 15th, that’s why there’s looks to be no Sunday service on the Ormskirk – Preston Line.

Why on earth this positive move was not released to the public weeks ago beats me. The cause of this change is the blockading of trains at Liverpool’s Lime Street Station which is in effect being all but closed in this period for a major upgrade by Network Rail.

The Ormskirk – Preston line rarely has a Sunday service (yes I know it’s 2017 and this is ridiculous), in fact it only has a Sunday Service each year on the day of Ormskirk Motorfest. So this move not will only assist travellers trying to get to and from Liverpool from the north/Scotland on these Sundays but it will also help locals move around too, not least Ormskirk’s large student community.

If I get any further updates I will post again. Here’s what I understand to be the proposed timetable for these 3 Sundays, but please check before travelling:-

Click on the draft timetable to enlarge it please and do check with TrainLine or another on-line timetable provider for up to date information prior to travelling.

My thanks to Alan for the lead to this posting.

Ormskirk – That Gingerbread Town in West Lancs

A packet of Ormskirk Gingerbread

I posted a while back (May 2016) about the market town of Ormskirk and made reference to it being famous for Gingerbread. That posting can be accessed via the link below:-

Quote from my previous posting – ‘The market town of Ormskirk (famous for its gingerbread and for having a very rare Parish Church with both a tower and a steeple) nestles in a rather awkward spot sandwiched between Preston, Southport, Liverpool, Skelmersdale and Wigan.’

Well there I was recently standing outside M&S Ormskirk wondering about the large gingerbread man outside the store when I caught sight of this poster:-

And the Community Partnership web site which promotes the connection between Ormskirk and gingerbread can be accessed via the link below:-

Nice to see that an important part of Ormskirk’s history is being celebrated.

Southport – Machester Trains – Why travellers & commuters are fighting the downgrading of their line

If you or your family/friends travel to Manchester from Southport the video linked above will be of interest.

Parbold Station Level Crossing on the Southport – Manchester Line

I have covered the work of the campaigners who are trying to stop the downgrading of this important railway line many times before. It is being led by the Ormskirk, Preston & Southport Travellers Association (OPSTA) and the Southport Rail Transport Forum (SRTF) and they are jointly doing a great job in trying to hold Northern Rail, Rail North, Network Rail etc. to account.

Southport Rail Transport Forum logo

They have the active campaigning support of MP’s along the line with Southport’s retiring MP John Pugh being a staunch supporter.

Departure board at Southport Station.

There is a long way to go with this campaign. The video outlines the situation well but sadly it is far from clear that the rail powers that be will fall in behind the campaigners and MP’s.

Southport – Manchester Trains – Please support this petition

Departure board at Southport Station.

Departure board at Southport Station.

The petition available via the link above is well worth supporting as we try to stop Arriva Trains Northern/Network Rail and other public bodies making all Southport – Wigan – Manchester trains go into Manchester Victoria Station.

Southport Rail Transport Forum logo

Southport Rail Transport Forum logo

Presently around half go into Manchester Piccadilly Station which is far more convenient for commuters working in Manchester.

OPSTA logo

OPSTA logo

Southport Rail Transport Forum, OPSTA (Ormskirk, Preston and Southport Travellers Association) and MP’s representing constituencies along the this line, such as John Pugh (Southport), Rosie Cooper (West Lancashire) etc. are all backing the campaign. The petition started by Lisa Nandy MP (Wigan) is a part of that campaign and I urge folk to sign it.

Ormskirk – The Town Hall that is now an estate agents

Coat of Arms of Ormskirk's 1779 Town Hall

Coat of Arms of Ormskirk’s 1779 Town Hall

If you look up (always an interesting thing to do in any town or city centre) on Ormskirk’s Church Street near to its junction with Burscough Street one of the frontages at a high level looks quite ornate.

It’s like this as it used to be Ormskirk’s Town Hall. Here are a couple more photo’s of it:-

The 1779 Ormskirk Town Hall

The 1779 Ormskirk Town Hall

The ornate rain water hopper confirms the 1779 date.

The ornate rain water hopper confirms the 1779 date.

The Ormskirk in bygone times facebook page (see link below) gives more detail and a couple of older photos:-

‘September 8th 1779, the Derby Coat of Arms was transported from Liverpool via the canal and road to Ormskirk. It cost £13 13s, and an extra 5/6 for the journey. The Town Hall construction accounts show that it took a year to build and cost £1338.11s 7d in total to complete.’

The rainwater hopper photo is amongst my Flickr shots at:-

Maghull – Netto – As it pulls out of the UK again what happens to the one being built in Maghull?

The Liverpool Echo has the story – see link above

Now here’s a turn up for the books as a Netto Store is presently in the early stages of construction on the site of the old Maghull Library and Stafford Moreton Youth Centre in Maghull Town Centre.

Stafford Moreton Stafford Moreton Youth Centre gone for a Netto store to be built - June 2016

Stafford Moreton Stafford Moreton Youth Centre gone for a Netto store to be built – June 2016

Will another retailer step in an acquire the Maghull site ?

Why pull out when you are building stores?

Would Maghull welcome an Aldi? (Morrisons certainly would not!)

Answers? Well the Sainsbury’s retail group seem to be pulling all the strings.